YouTuber W2S Talks ‘Beef’ With Cristiano Ronaldo After Visiting His Home

A YouTuber has opened up about his so-called ‘beef’ with Cristiano Ronaldo after they filmed a challenge video together.

Wroetoshaw, real name Harry Lewis, was speaking to Theo Baker and Reev on the Pitch Side podcast earlier this year when he told the story of Ronaldo’s visit to Madrid ahead of the 2017 launch of Nike’s new CR7 Mercurial football boots.

After traveling to Spain with his brother Josh, they eventually made their way to a compound where the five-time Ballon d’Or winner was staying. Hours later, they finally engaged in a goalpost challenge and penalty shootout in his garden.

You can hear Harry’s version of events on his Pitch Side YouTube channel below.

So what happened? Well, according to Sidemen member Harry, things didn’t quite go as planned.

“That’s my beef with Ronaldo,” he explains. “So I’m taking a spin and he didn’t like the fact that I’m just dribbling the ball to my brother. He was light, but I hit the ball as hard as I do. He can from range like point blank range.”

Ronaldo even said: “You hit it too hard”, but that didn’t stop W2S from “launching” the ball to his brother, Josh.

“I don’t think he was too happy about it,” Harry added. “We had 10 minutes and for the first 7 minutes we were shooting this penalty shootout. And then we did a goalpost challenge. He said something in Portuguese to his coach as I was making the goalpost.”

After the video was filmed in Portugal, a curious Harry contacted another YouTuber, AA9skillz, to translate what Ronaldo said while filming.

“It was just something as a whole, “times are definitely running out. Can we move on?” He was fed up with it,” says Harry. “But I said, ‘a**, I don’t care. We had one shot each and we both missed.’

Image credit: YouTube/W2S
Image credit: YouTube/W2S

Harry, who wore CR7 Nike Mercurial boots while taking the penalty shootout, added: “It was a stressful day. I wasn’t even impressed filming with Ronaldo. There was no room for that. I was just stressed about my GoPro and that I had It wasn’t my favorite video to shoot, but it did really well.”

It’s fair to say the journey was worth it for W2S and his brother. At the time of writing, the YouTube collaboration with Manchester United striker Ronaldo has been viewed 67 million times.

He finished the clip by saying: “Thank you to everyone who has followed me over the years. The fact that I can do this with my life makes me crazy. Also, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo and Nike for doing this.”

You can watch the full five-minute challenge video with Ronaldo below.

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