White House deletes tweet crediting Biden after fact-checking tag on Twitter

  • In a tweet Wednesday, the White House credited President Biden with increasing Social Security payments.
  • The tweet was deleted after users flagged it as misleading and Twitter added a data audit tag.
  • The White House said context was lacking, but Biden has touted increasing Social Security in the past.

The White House credited President Joe Biden with an upcoming increase in Social Security payments in a tweet Wednesday — but quickly deleted it after adding a fact-checking tag because of a Twitter feature that allows users to flag misleading or incorrect posts.

“Seniors Get Biggest Increase in Social Security Checks in 10 Years Through President Biden’s Leadership,” since post was deleted the official White House Twitter account said.

Seniors will get their biggest Social Security payments in decades, but as a result of runaway inflation — rather than any specific effort by Biden, Insider’s Jason Lalljee reported. Cost-of-living adjustments to Social Security benefits have been automatic since 1972. Under those adjustments, the Social Security Administration announced last month that benefits would increase by 8.7 percent.

Twitter users were quick to criticize the tweet’s characterization of the increase as an achievement by the Biden administration and apparently pointed it out on Twitter as well. Shortly after the tweet was posted, a context tag was added, noting that the increase was due to annual cost-of-living adjustments.

The White House deleted the tweet within hours of adding the tag.

The White House did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, but press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre; said Wednesday that the tweet was removed because the context was missing, saying it was not “complete.”

“We’ve pointed out in the past that for the first time in over a decade, seniors’ health care premiums will decrease even as their Social Security checks increase,” he said, adding, “This means seniors will have the opportunity to advance their inflation due to the rare combination of rising benefits and falling premiums.”

But it wasn’t the first time Biden appeared to try to take credit for boosting Social Security payments.

“In our view, for the first time in 10 years, seniors will get the biggest increase in their Social Security checks,” Biden said last week at a Democratic fundraiser, according to CNN.

Elon Musk, for his part, appeared to celebrate the way things turned out. A tweet noting that the White House deleted the post after the tag was added said “Welcome to @elonmusk’s Twitter,” crediting the Tesla billionaire.

The new owner of Twitter he respondedwriting “The system is working,” along with a crying emoji.

But according to Twitter, the tag was added as a result Bird watch, a feature first piloted in 2021, well before SpaceX’s CEO plans to buy the platform. Birdwatch allows users to flag information in tweets that they believe is misleading.

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