Virtuos Adds Konami to Client List Amid Metal Gear Solid 3 Rumors

While people may have theorized about a possibility Metal Gear Solid 3 remake for some time now, there is now a growing list of evidence that suggests as much, and one of the studios previously suspected of working on the remake has now listed Konami as a client. Now that it’s clear that Konami is making a substantial push with Silent Hillit seems increasingly likely that the Metal equipment IP is also exploited.

Metal Gear Solid it has been in hibernation since its release Metal Gear Survivea survival spin-off that was widely criticized in relation to Hideo Kojima Metal Gear Solid 5. Aside from a few notable pachinko machine offerings, Konami has otherwise seemingly kept the franchise in a sort of stasis rather than openly announcing any new projects. However, fans believe that this may change sometime in the relatively near future.


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Not only does Virtuos’ recent recruitment video hint at a potential Metal Gear Solid project at the studio, but the company’s official website has now listed Konami as one of its clients, further underscoring this idea. Even better, Insider Gaming has spotted reports of Virtuos benchmarking experience with development on Konami’s FOX Engine, which historically has only been used for Metal Gear Solid and Pro Evolution Soccer titles. Of course, nothing definitive has yet been reported in an official capacity, but it’s hard to ignore all the signs that something might be up.

Furthermore, the existence of a complete Silent Hill revival lends credibility to MGS leaks too. Notably, a previous report stated that Konami had outsourced much of its development Silent Hill to third-party studios and that these new horror games will be revealed sometime during 2022. Since these claims were later revealed to be true, some other claims from the report are now also more accurate, the most notable of which are the report of a full Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake with the Virtuos also mentioned by name.

by Konami Metal Gear Solid 3 The pachinko machine reveal was almost unanimously hated by fans of the franchise when it was revealed. It meant that Konami had turned its eyes away from core game development and that the IP could be used as a window dressing for pachinko machines in the future. In 2022, however, Konami seems to have come full circle with its revival as well Silent Hill in progress, something similar happens with Metal Gear Solid it no longer feels impossible.

While this possible future is unlikely Metal equipment the games will include key elements such as Metal Gear Solid 5Its unique puzzle imitator, now that Kojima is gone, Konami and third-party developers like Virtuos have the opportunity to create something new and exciting with the IP in tow. However, with official announcements still pending, it is suggested to keep a grain of salt in hand.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is now available on PS2, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and 3DS.

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Source: Insider Gaming

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