Vampire Survivors creator on game success: ‘I Have No Idea’

“Last year, every time I thought we’d peaked at the absurd, something new came along to top off the previous one.”

The person behind Vampire Survivors cheats, Luca Galante, recently remarked how they “have no idea” why the game has become so popular among gamers, explaining that The Game Awards nomination alongside releases such as Elden Ring and God of War was “unbelievable. .” The developer has just released its first downloadable content for the game, Legacy of the Moonspell.

The news comes from an interview last week with IGN. Galante went into the details of the game, describing the long development process behind Vampire Survivors. While production began in 2020, Vampire Survivors was fully released on March 31, 2022. The game later received more than 165,000 reviews on the digital distribution platform Steam, earning it “overwhelmingly positive” status. Vampire Survivors unexpectedly received a nomination for Best Debut Indie Game at The Game Awards.


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“It was incredible to be nominated for The Game Adverts alongside all the other eligible developers,” said Galante. “Last year, every time I thought we’d peaked at the absurd, something new came along to top off the previous one.” The developer added that “although it’s very hard for me to believe that it deserves all this attention, I’m glad it’s getting it mainly because it shows that literally anyone could do it and so hopefully it will encourage more indie developers to keep pushing the their works. I’m not saying this from the heart, I’m saying it from ego. I want to see more and more Celestes, Undertales, Powerwash Simulators, Wandersongs and Short Hikes get the spotlight they deserve!”

As for what made the game so successful, Galante struggled to pinpoint the exact reason. “I have no idea what makes it really scary,” noted the developer. “Since its release, I’ve been trying not to look at the numbers or what’s going on online specifically so I don’t get too carried away, I’ve kept my head down and continued to work on the game and the company, focusing almost entirely on feedback from players on Discord and Steam Forums. The one thing I’m sure made the difference is our community managers who did and are doing an incredible job of keeping communications open with players!”

The recently released DLC was apparently a love letter to gamers. “I’m all for the idea of ​​being able to keep getting content for the games I love, but too often today, I feel like DLC is designed to generate revenue rather than a good service to players,” observed Galante. “Having a negative bias towards DLC, I was very hesitant to try to make one, but I also couldn’t keep adding stuff to the game for fun while there was a company to think about. And so, here comes the DLC! My biggest hope is that we’ve managed to get a fair deal for the players and they’ll like it, that’s something that I, as a player, would love to see in the shops.”

This image shows three different structures at their highest levels.  From the left you can see Vandelier, Infinite Corridor and La Borra.

As for what could be on the horizon for the developer, Galante explained that “we’re always thinking about what’s next and generally going where the flow takes us. The beauty of being independent is that we can do almost anything as long as everyone is on the team.”

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