Twitter layoffs begin the night before Elon Musk said they would

  • Elon Musk began laying off employees late Thursday, several people told Insider.
  • Access to work platforms was suddenly cut off for many on Twitter, making it clear they had been let go.
  • The move came hours after an email was released telling workers to expect layoffs to begin Friday.

Twitter employees began losing access to work platforms soon after the company now owned by Elon Musk told them to expect layoffs to begin the next day.

Workers suddenly started getting locked out of things like Slack and email shortly after 8 p.m. PT on Thursday night, multiple employees told Insider. Despite no official memo explaining they had been let go, workers were confident they could be among the 3,700 colleagues expected to be hit with Musk’s planned layoffs.

“It goes from East to West,” said one person. People working for Twitter in London found out first, then New York, then people working remotely in the Midwest. California, Twitter’s biggest hub, is expected to be next, multiple employees said.

“My whole team is gone,” said one person affected by the layoffs in New York. They worked in a team of 30 plus people. Another person estimated that 90% of their team was cut.

Hours earlier, Twitter executives received their first communication from the company since Musk took over last week. It was a memo explaining they could expect the layoffs to begin Friday, sent after Insider reported such plans. Twitter said all affected employees will receive an email Friday morning at 9 a.m. ET or at 6 a.m. PT.

When workers began being laid off Thursday night, no one had received such an email, multiple employees said.

In the note from Twitter, the company also said it was “temporarily” closing all offices. Employees were then told to leave immediately, with office security moving to all offices in New York and San Francisco to ensure employees had left or were leaving. It was sudden and alienating for some employees, especially since Musk had begun to demand an intense level of work since taking over Twitter, resulting in some employees sleeping in the office. The immediacy of getting people out of the office made sense since people started getting fired that night.

“It’s a breakup over text,” said one person affected by the layoffs.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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