Twitter begins mass layoffs under Elon Musk

It’s going to be a rough day on Twitter. The company has begun laying off employees as Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, tries to cut costs at the social media platform.

Starting Thursday night, several Twitter executives began bidding farewell to the company via tweets posted online.

“I seem to be unemployed. I just logged out remotely from my work laptop and was removed from Slack. He wrote(Opens in a new window) Simon Balmain, former senior community manager at the company.

So far, Twitter has not publicly commented on the layoffs. But in an internal email, the company informed workers of the massive job cuts, which are scheduled to begin today, Friday, November 4.

“We recognize that this will affect a number of people who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but this action is unfortunately necessary to ensure the company’s success moving forward,” the email According to reports(Opens in a new window) says. The company notifies which employees will lose their jobs via email.

Twitter could end up laying off half its staff, which currently employs about 7,500 people,(Opens in a new window) to The New York Timesciting internal messages and an anonymous investor.

Musk took on $13 billion in debt to buy Twitter, a company that has historically struggled to turn a profit. For example, last year the company reported an operating loss of $493 million. Now Musk must try to stop the bleeding and find ways to bring in new revenue or risk losing more of his acquisition.

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However, the layoffs raise concern that Twitter is losing staff responsible for important projects. One employee, Joan Deitchman, expects Twitter to disband the company’s ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability team.

“Yes, the team is gone,” he said he tweeted(Opens in a new window). “The team that researched and pushed for algorithmic transparency and algorithmic choice. The group studying algorithmic enhancement. The team that invented and built ethical AI tools and methodologies. All that is gone.”

Meanwhile, a group of ex-Twitter employees have filed(Opens in a new window) class action lawsuit against the company over the layoffs. According to the lawsuit, the former employees claim Twitter is violating federal and state WARN laws(Opens in a new window)which require employers to give 60 days’ notice to affected workers when a mass layoff begins.

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