Twitch singer Adriana Chechik was pregnant before her back surgery

In her comeback Twitch stream, Adriana Chechik details her back surgery, recovery, and finding out she’s pregnant in the hospital.

Adriana Chechik did it Drawing returned and opened up about her recent back surgery, including finding out she was pregnant before the procedure. The Twitch streamer broke her back in two places after jumping from a podium into a poorly lined foam pit during TwitchCon San Diego. She had to have metal braces put in her back to correct the injury.

TwitchCon is an annual convention that serves as a physical platform for Twitch streamers to connect with their viewers, as well as attend pocket events to learn how to improve their content. The event also has sponsor booths where attendees can participate in various activities and win prizes. The famous foam pit run by Lenovo and Intel was one of them, where they hosted a Face-Off challenge that required participants to knock each other off a podium in the middle of a foam pit.


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During her return to Twitch, she talked about the surgery and her ongoing recovery, even showing viewers the large scar on her spine. In the past, she has uploaded videos of herself doing physical therapy on social media. Chechik also shared that she found out she was pregnant when she went to the hospital, but she couldn’t hold the baby because of the back surgery she had to undergo.

Chechik did not say whether she has filed a lawsuit against the parties responsible for her injury. But she mentioned on the stream that no one from the TwitchCon venue had contacted her since the incident. For now, she’s focused on recovering and slowly getting back to streaming without wearing out her back from sitting too much.

Chechik was not the only victim of the foam pit. Streamer LochVaness dislocated her knee and broke her ankle when she jumped off the podium after the Face-Off challenge. Some bystanders also saw other injured bystanders next to the foam pit. Lenovo said in an earlier statement that it was aware of the injuries sustained during the Face-Off challenge and was working with TwitchCon organizers to look into the incidents.

What happened at TwitchCon and Twitch’s reported inaction in the aftermath could be seen as a terrible case of negligence for the streaming platform. Avid Twitch viewers criticized the platform for not addressing Chechik’s situation and the other issues arising from TwitchCon. Hopefully Twitch learns from the incidents and implements stricter safety and security protocols for all booths to avoid serious injuries at future events.

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