Trump’s PAC pays for news subscriptions to publications he loathes

  • One of Trump’s political action committees subscribes to the media he loathes.
  • Save America PAC is subscribed to the New York Times and the “absolutely disgusting” Washington Post, among others.
  • A Trump-linked PAC is also raising money for the former president’s distaste for the media.

“Lamestream Media.”

The “Fake News Media”.


Former President Donald Trump has relentlessly lambasted the news outlets and their “lying” and “slimy” reporters for how they cover him, his family and the Republican Party.

But Trump is also a patron of the media: his political action committee pays for subscriptions to many of Trump’s most loathed news outlets, according to an Insider analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

Trump’s Save America PAC subscribed to the New York Times, the “absolutely disgusting” Washington Post, and even Insider. The PAC also subscribed to the Financial Times, Epoch Times, Bloomberg and Gannett newspapers.

Many political campaigns buy subscriptions to news publications of interest – what sets Trump apart is his expressed hatred of the publications his organizations subscribe to.

During the 2021-2022 election cycle, Save America PAC bought multiple $17 subscriptions to the New York Times, $40 subscriptions to the Financial Times, and a $75 subscription to the Washington Post.

Save America PAC did not respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Trump-linked committees not only pay for the news, but also raise money from the anti-media movement that Trump supports.

On December 14, for example, the Save America Joint Fundraising Committee took down a text message from the former president.

“Press Trump: FAKE NEWS is out of control,” the message read. “I need you to take the Media Accountability Survey. ALL THE ANSWERS to me.”

The survey, which also serves as a solicitation page for campaign donations, notes that 99% of the money received will go to Trump’s 2024 re-election campaign.

“Do you think the media is corrupt?” The survey asks. “Do you think the radical Left and the corrupt media want to put America LAST?”

But even with his distaste for the media, Trump continues to blast articles his audience likes on TRUTH Social and via email, regardless of where they come from, such as when he recently cited Insider’s report on layoffs media to greet in an email. .

“ICYMI: “Netflix, NBCUniversal, BuzzFeed, Vice and other media companies have laid off thousands in 2022…””

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