Trump plans to announce primetime in 2024, despite allies begging him to hold off

Donald Trump plans to announce a second run for re-election, sources close to the former president said.

Mr. Trump is expected to make an official primetime announcement at the Mar-a-Lago club on Tuesday, despite growing concerns from GOP leaders that the move could fail.

A senior Trump adviser also told CBS that the businessman-turned-politician expressed concern about convening an investigative panel, noting that it would appear “weak.” It comes days after Trump-endorsed candidates underperformed in a midterm race in which the former president was widely seen as the GOP’s biggest loser.

“President Trump is set to announce on Tuesday that he is running for president. And it will be a very professional, very buttoned-down announcement,” Jason Miller, a longtime adviser to Mr. Trump, told former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon on Friday, adding that the former president was “fired up” for a 2024 run. .

Mr Trump has raised concerns that re-elected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is “playing games” by not shutting down speculation about his potential 2024 presidential run, falsely claiming he saved Mr DeSantis’ 2018 campaign. and more recently had sent the FBI to protect Mr. DeSantis from defeat in key counties where voter fraud was suspected.

The hill said the announcement would also cost Trump financial support from the Republican National Committee for legal fees stemming from the plethora of ongoing lawsuits against the former president.

Republican leaders reportedly asked Trump to delay his announcement, at least until a gubernatorial runoff in Georgia, where control of the Senate could be at stake.

Re-elected New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu openly criticized Trump’s strategy during a radio interview.

“He’s going to take advantage of the opportunity [Herschel] Walker to win in Georgia in his runoff,” Mr. Sununu said Friday, per The hill. “I think what the former president doesn’t understand is if he announces … he’s not going to keep anyone out of the race.”

He continued: “But nobody else is going to announce until the summer or fall for a number of fundraising reasons and all that. So it’s going to be a very awkward thing with just him in the race.”

“TRUMPTY DUMPTY,” read the front page in bold letters as a cartoon of the 45th president showed him as Humpty Dumpty perched precariously on a brick wall

(AP/New York Post)

After strongly projecting a red wave ahead of the midterms, GOP leaders may need to reassess Mr. Trump’s influence with voters as candidates echoing election lies continue to lose statewide races.

Fewer than half of Trump’s chosen congressional nominees have lost their nominations, with about 80 of his 174 congressional endorsements reaching Capitol Hill. News channels and media outlets across the country, including Mr. Trump’s once-favorite Fox News, have largely covered his crushing impact in the midterm elections.

“For those many people who are being fed the false narrative by the corrupt media that I’m angry about the midterm elections, don’t believe it,” his statement said Thursday. “I’m not mad at all, I did a great job (I wasn’t running!) and I’m very busy looking to the future. Remember, I’m a ‘fixed genius’.”

He continued: “I’ve had so much endorsement success, perhaps unprecedented success, both for Republican nominations and the general election itself, and I continue to get fake news, RINOs, and radical criticism of the Left, but rarely congratulations or praise.”

CBS reports that Mr. Trump’s inner circle has grown tired of his constant attacks on other Republican Party leaders.

“I’ve never seen him more irresponsible and chaotic than he is today,” a source told the network. “He seems to be in a state of self-destruction. It’s irresponsible to attack DeSantis and Youngkin, and it’s irresponsible to announce any time in the near future, but certainly before the second round of Herschel Walker is done.”

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