Top left-wing MEP admits she asked dad to hide cash

The left-wing Greek member of the European Parliament (Eva Kaili) has admitted that she asked her father to hide cash for her after she was accused of taking money from Morocco and Qatar to influence European affairs.

Kaili, who was arrested on corruption charges earlier this month by Belgian investigators, reportedly admitted to police that she asked her father to hide cash for her, which was later discovered in her home.

Francesco Giorgi, Kaili’s husband, also reportedly admitted to being part of a group trying to influence European affairs on behalf of Morocco and Qatar, according to the Greek newspaper. the daily References.

Kaili’s admission comes after her father was arrested on December 9 at the Sofitel hotel in Brussels while in possession of a suitcase full of money.

Days later, Belgian police found around 1.5 million euros in the home of Kaili and former Italian MEP Pier Antonio Panzeri, who was also arrested and said to be involved in the corruption charges.

According to a report last week, up to 60 members of the European Parliament may be targeted by investigators in connection with the corruption scandal, and while no other suspects have been identified by investigators so far, media reports claim those involved are part of the left parliamentary group of the Socialists and Reformists (S&D).

Eva Kaili, who was S&D vice-president, has also been suspended from her post after being arrested by the police.

Abderrahim Atmoun, Morocco’s ambassador to Poland, has also been named as a person of interest in the case by Belgian authorities and may be linked to a man known as “the giant” by Panzeri and his family, who are said to have used a loan card linked to the hitherto unknown person.

Panzeri’s wife and daughter were also arrested in their native Italy and are expected to be extradited to Belgium as part of the investigation and could face up to five years in prison.

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