Today’s Wordle #523 Hint, Clues and Answer for Thursday November 24th

Happy Thanksgiving, dear Reasons! This is probably my very favorite holiday of the year. It’s like Christmas without the presents (and the pressure and commercialism that comes with gift giving) although I love Christmas, mostly for the same reasons I love Thanksgiving.

I guess I like the lights and wintry coziness of Christmas too. I love driving around and seeing all the houses decorated with colorful lights. I love the smell of a Christmas tree in my house. I love Christmas music and all the little rituals around it. I just don’t like how this crazy shopping season has become where everyone has to go out and stress about finding the perfect gifts for everyone. You is the present. We are all the gift. Spending time with loved ones is the gift. Not everyone has that. Not everyone is so lucky.

And that’s the great thing about Thanksgiving. It may not have the lights and music, but it is all about spending time with friends and family and remembering what we are thankful for. Well, that and eating a bunch of delicious food (trying to save the world from turkey rule).

For my part, I’m definitely thankful for Wordle! It’s been so much fun writing these guides all year, and I’m so grateful to you, dear readers, for listening to me ramble every day! Let Do this.

Today’s Wordle Solution (Gobble Gobble Gobble Spoilers)

The hint: Guess something about today.

The Clue: The two vowels in this word are back to back.

The answer:

Okay Wordle. Clearly you are processing and cultivating now. We knew this was coming when the New York Times announced a new editor and changes in the types of solutions we’d see going forward. Part of me is glad there are topical answers now. part of me worries that it’s too on the nose. What do you think;

I certainly tried to guess based on Thanksgiving. I got the first part of the word grateful and I used that as my initial guess. I thought thanks it might have been good (and it wouldn’t have been bad at all) but I was worried about the lack of vowels. Yet, thanks would have gotten me the same green “A” plus a yellow “S” and “T”.

Rack I narrowed my choices down to just 13, but I just realized I could conceive feast I went with it, not thinking it would work. When all five letters turned green — I was very grateful! This is also where humans have an advantage. Wordle Bot guessed beast for his second guess. So close man!

This is the second day in a row that I get the answer in just 2. That’s not too shabby!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Be excellent to each other!

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