Today’s Wordle #518 Hints, Clues and Answers for Saturday November 19th

I have a bone to pick with Wordle Bot today. However, I won’t go into that here in the spoiler-free section of this post. I just wanted to let you know that the bones will be collected below, and I mean it chosen.

It’s another lovely, cool, crisp winter day (even though it’s still fall). Today is Saturday and I’m looking forward to a weekend of hiking and relaxing and maybe lifting some weights. My kids have been sick forever with these ridiculous colds and I think we all have cabin fever. They must return to school as soon as possible. I like to have some hours to myself in the day, as much as I love them.

But a hike is a great way to be alone and I live in the middle of a huge forest, so why not take advantage of it?

Before I can do that, though, let’s solve this Wordle. Not as hard as yesterday, but still hard!

How to Solve Today’s Wordle (Spoilers!)

The Clue: Do it with your eyes if you don’t want to see something but can’t close them for some reason.

The hint: This word begins with a vowel.

The answer:

Avert your eyes! Unless you want to see the answer for today’s Wordle, that is.

I opened me allegory-Love me some tropes!—and it turned out to be a pretty good guess. There were only 48 solutions left and I had three yellow boxes. Three became four with my next guess, Earth, although according to Wordle Boteasel would be more effective.” Sure mate.

Earth it whittled my remaining solutions down to just 7, and then I made a guess that was oh-so-close but oh-so-wrong. Alarm seemed like a winner to me. And when the ‘A’ turned green, I was optimistic. These hopes were immediately dashed when the ‘L’ appeared gray and prevent it was the only viable option left. But hey, four ain’t bad!

Now begins my collection with Wordle Bot. He got this one in just three, but check out his second guess:

With barely shale, there are still many possible answers. About as many as I would guess, allegory. So, how on earth does the Wordle Bot think? tree of all the words? What a strange word to think of or find. And, of course, he miraculously narrowed his possible remaining words to just two: prevent and alarm. Making matters worse, he guesses the least obvious answer, prevent before trying the most obvious answer, alarm (L is more common than V). Everything smells fishy to me and not good. Not like the smell of halibut cooking in butter and garlic. Like a rotten fish on the beach.

No Huzzahs today, folks. Avoid your ears!

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