Today’s Wordle #512 Hints, Clues and Answers for Sunday November 13th

On November 13, 1789, Benjamin Franklin wrote: “Our new Constitution now established, everything shows promise of being durable. but, in this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.’

The quote comes from a letter Franklin wrote to the French scientist Jean-Baptiste Le Roy, whom Franklin was worried about since he hadn’t heard from him since the start of the bloody French Revolution.

“My health continues as it has been for some time past,” concluded Franklin, “except that I am growing thinner and weaker, so that I cannot expect to last much longer.”

He died several months later on April 17, 1790 at the age of 84.

“Death and taxes” became one of Franklin’s most famous and most often quoted quotes. And these days, with the United States in one predicament after another, Franklin may be right about the Constitution’s durability.

Again, we’ve been through some pretty tough spots in our nation’s history. Not long after the Constitution was written, two of the Founding Fathers—John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—had a feud that would last the rest of their lives. From the beginning, or at least from the time George Washington had served his time as president, the country was in conflict, eventually culminating in the Civil War, an event whose effects we still feel today. Slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, Iraq, Depression, Housing Crisis. The pandemic.

Times, you might argue, always are and always have been tough and we seem to be persevering. I’m not sure we’re more divided than we’ve always been. It just seems that way thanks to 24 hour news and social media. Maybe I just want to be optimistic.

Anyway, I’ll stop ranting now. Let’s make this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution (Spoilers!)

The hint: Totally hairy.

The Clue: There are three vowels in this word.

The answer:

You will all be happy to know that I won the Wordle Bot today. The silly robot made four guesses to arrive at the final answer. Slate / sting / image / silly was the path he took.

I have . . . very lucky, although I really wish I could have made it in two again. I’ve had some crazy good luck with my introductory guesses recently. Today, irate it left me with only two options. I guessed picture, unfortunately, but I don’t think it was either fool my.

On Friday, my initial guess also left me with only two possibilities, and the day before, my initial guess left only one! I feel like any day now I will have my first hole in one! It’s on air!

If that happens, I’ll just write one word: Huzzah!

Have a beautiful and hopeful Sunday, my dear Wordlers.

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