Today’s Wordle #500 tip, clues and answer for Tuesday, November 1st

It’s November! I hope everyone had a fun Halloween. We are now officially in the final stretch of 2022, racing towards Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the Christmas season. Soon the bells will be ringing and people will be drinking mugs of eggnog and drooling under the mistletoe and all that jazz.

I can not wait. I love Christmas. I don’t like Christmas presents or the commercialization of Christmas in general – “buying things for people” is never as exciting as “spending quality time with loved ones” in my book, although I think it’s fun for kids – but i love the season. The lights, the music, the customs, the celebration, the snow.

But we’re not there yet. Fall is only halfway through, though we’re probably past peak leaf season.

I talk quite a bit about the passing of time and the shifting seasons in this space, so I thought I’d share this neat diary from the fantasy novel The thief of the black tongue by Christopher Buehlman:

As I note in the tweet above, I’d really like to adopt this calendar for a while and see how it goes. I dig the idea of ​​the five seasons, each divided into two 36-day months. Our seasons are neither nor do they ever end at the beginning of a month, so part of December is Fall and part is Winter. Winter ends and spring begins in March and so on. In this fantasy calendar, each season is exactly two months. Each is 72 days.

And Gloaming splits Autumn and Winter, which seems appropriate, since in many ways the period between late October and late December is not so much like any season as something of a middle ground. Gloaming, of course, means ‘twilight’ or ‘dusk’ which is quite appropriate.

In any case, food for thought. Let’s make this Wordle!

Today’s Wordle Solution (with Spoilers!)

The hint: A wonderful natural scent.

The Clue: This word ends with a vowel.

The answer:

I feel really good about it. I know I have used Goodbye before and I always go on about how you should use a different starting word every day, but I just felt like I wanted to get rid of all those vowels and that was the first vowel word I could come up with.

He paid for it with a yellow ‘I’ and a green ‘E’, but I still had to worry about the ‘O’ and knocking out some consonants. Fall did the trick, whittled down 118 choices to just 2. With a green ‘P’ and a green ‘E’ and two yellow letters, I didn’t have too much trouble finding pinaceous. I didn’t even think about it pine trees because I never go with plural words when I go for my final answer.

Fortunately, pinaceous did the trick. I love this smell. It reminds me of going to our family cabin in Montana. The scent of pine in the air is so thick you can almost taste it. There is a fresh bite to this scent that makes me think of alpine getaways, climbing high mountains and wide vistas. Very beautiful all around.

Happy November guys. Oh, and happy 500th Wordle!

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