Timeline: The Glazers and their turbulent reign at Manchester United | Manchester United

2003 Malcolm Glazer buys a 2.9% stake in Manchester United in March, which increases before the end of the year.

2004 Glazer’s stake in the club reaches almost 20% in June and approaches 30% in October. He bids for the club in October and December and sacks three managers.

May 2005 Glazer makes a formal takeover bid on May 12 after his stake reaches nearly 57%. Before the end of the month he owns more than 76% of the club and the board is advising shareholders to accept his offer.

June 2005 Glazer secures 98% of the shares and control of United. As part of the family’s leveraged buyout, they are offloading their own £525m loans to the club to repay. Manchester United FC have been officially registered by disgruntled fans – later in the year the club began the 2005-06 season in the 10th tier of English football.

July 2005 Members of the Glazer family make their first visit to Old Trafford. They end up being driven away in a police van for their own safety amid angry protests.

2006 “Love United Hate Glazer” stickers placed on Old Trafford seats after goalless draw with Middlesbrough in May as United push for second place.

2010 The campaign against the Glazers for the green and gold begins. In the same year it emerged that the club’s debt had reached £716.5m and that the Glazer family had taken £10m from the club in “management and administration fees” and borrowed another £10m personally in the past year. Before the end of the year, the Glazers are paying off a high-interest hedge fund debt of £220m at 16.25%. This follows the raising of £504m in a bond issue.

2012 United shares begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The family makes £75 million by selling some of its shares.

2014 Malcolm Glazer dies. The Glazer family are selling a further 12m shares for $17 each – making another $200m (£129m). In December, one of the Glazer brothers, Edward, announces the sale of 3 million of his shares. Amidst the fury of the fans, the Glazers rules out the sale of Manchester United for at least five years.

2015 It has emerged that the six children of United owner Malcolm Glazer will be paid more than £15m each year by the club after it was announced there would be a dividend to shareholders.

2017 The Glazers’ holding company, Red Football, is selling 4.3 million United shares for $17 a share. That’s another $73m (£56m) made by the Glazers.

2018 The Guardian reports that the Glazers’ takeover has drained United of more than £1bn in interest, costs, fees and dividends since 2005.

2019 The latest dividend paid by the club is revealed to be £23m, of which the five Glazer brothers and their sister Darcy Glazer Kasewicz shared around £18m.

2020 United’s net debt rose by £127.4m to £429.1m in the 12 months to 31 March 2020, its latest set of accounts reveal.

March 2021 United co-chairman Abram Glazer is putting up more than £70m worth of shares for sale. Debt rose 16% to £455.5m after 12 months of the pandemic.

April 2021 Fan fury is running high over the Glazers’ bid to take the club to the European Super League. Fans storm the training ground on April 22.

May 2021 Fans storm Old Trafford amid a protest against the owners, leading to the cancellation of their Premier League match against Liverpool, which was scheduled to be played at the stadium later that afternoon.

April 2022 United fans are staging another protest against the Glazers, one that includes around 1,000 of them marching on Old Trafford ahead of the visit of Norwich City. Protesters don’t enter the game until the 17th minute – one for each year of ownership of the American family.

August 2022 Old Trafford is witnessing another anti-Glazers protest as fans head to the ground ahead of Liverpool’s visit. It is organized and led by the group ‘The 1958’, which had also instigated the pre-Norwich protests.

November 2022 The Glazer family have announced they are “beginning a process to explore strategic alternatives” for Manchester United, potentially ending their 17-year ownership of the club. The news comes on the same day that United confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo had left the club by “mutual consent”.

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