Things Are Getting Interesting In The Fifth Episode For ‘Gundam: The Witch From Mercury’

The gloves are now off and the other corporations are now challenging Suletta and her Aerial more openly, but the back-room politics are where things are really getting interesting.

This episode covers one of the other main leads, that of Elan Ceres. He’s the cool silent kid who figured out that the Aerial was a Gundam using GUND Format technology in the first episode.

The reason for this is that he is an enhanced human specifically built to use the old GUND Format setup with an inbuilt Permet link.

Effectively a cyborg, Elan may not even be a child but is apparently the “fourth” in some kind of artificial human program run by Peil Technologies, which is a nice nod to Four Murasame in Zeta Gundam (who was also an artificially created Newtype).

Elan asks Suletta out on a date, only for the real reason to reveal herself? he wants to pilot the Aerial on his own.

This is because he wants to test the GUND Format setup, only to find that it is a perfected form of the far more painful version he is subjected to.

The result of this revelation is his instant dislike and resentment of Suletta, because she doesn’t suffer like he does when piloting mobile suits. Although of course Suletta has no understanding of this.

We also get a duel between Guel Jeturk and Elan Ceres, as Guel rushes to Suletta’s side after Elan announces his dislike of her.

Naturally, the subsequent mobile suit duel is a very tactical affair, as Elan unveils his own Gundam, the Pharact (shown above).

What’s interesting here is that this is very much an old type Gundam mobile suit that’s technology was banned due to the strain it had on mobile suit pilots. So it will be interesting to see how that resolves.

However, the big reveal is that one of the scientists at Peil Technologies, who acts as Elan’s handler, is an old friend of Lady Prospera, meaning that the GUND Format technology survived after the Attack on Fólkvangr.

Yes, there are still high school shenanigans underway, but The Witch from Mercury is starting to show its true colors. There’s a lot of backstory and intrigue that is only just beginning to be unveiled, and that could very well elevate what is already a good series into a great one.

Gundam: The Witch from Mercury is currently available to watch via Crunchyroll.

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