The video shows all the non-Pokemon animals that appear in the Anime

A video puts together a montage of Pokemon anime, video game, and trading card clips that feature all of the featured non-Pokemon animals.

A video put together a montage showing all the non-Pokemon animals that appear throughout the area POKEMON games, anime and the TCG. His world POKEMON is, in many ways, still a complete mystery. Despite dozens POKEMON video games, over two decades of anime, and a staggering amount of other media and merchandise, there is still so much that is not known. Maybe one of POKEMONThe biggest mystery remains the existence of real-world animals.

Official lore suggests that there have always been Pokemon, strange animal-like creatures. In fact, the universe itself was created by a Pokemon named Arceus, born from an egg created out of nothing. Here’s why POKEMON games, anime and other media show the world full of Pokemon and almost completely devoid of other animals. Sometimes, however, a real animal appears without any explanation.


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In a TikTok video by doggsta, the content creator attempts to compile a list of every appearance and reference to a real-world animal found within the set POKEMON privilege. It starts with many of the familiar animals found in the POKEMON anime. There’s a mounted deer head in the Tower of Terror, Ash dressing up in a cow outfit, a Pidgey eating worms, and Gastly transforming into a mongoose while battling Ekans. There are also various fish that appear from time to time.

The video continues and shows birds, bees and butterflies found in the POKEMON video games, elephants, chameleons and dinosaurs listed in the official PokeDex and many random animals found in the official POKEMON TCG card art. In other words, real-life animals are widespread throughout the region POKEMON franchise, although they are largely found only in cases where it could have been done only by chance.

Despite all the available evidence, there is no clear explanation anywhere POKEMON franchise that real-life animals also populate the world POKEMON. There is no clarification that of course there are no real life animals. But the widespread presence of Pokemon and the almost complete absence of animals in real life suggests that they are not supposed to exist.

POKEMON Fans will continue to research and debate what it would mean if there were or weren’t real animals in the POKEMON people until they receive an official response. What do people eat, how does the environment not collapse, and if there is evolution are just some of the questions fans have about POKEMON world. Perhaps some questions are better left unanswered, as long as they are kept POKEMON lightweight.

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