The upcoming Mario Kart Tour update will add the Classic Donkey Kong Track

The arrival of the next tour is announced for Mario Kart Tour and it brings a classic Donkey Kong callback track from an earlier entry in the series.

Mario Kart TourIts updates come regularly and the next upcoming season will bring a Donkey Kong piece with it. Mobile fans set to tackle the iconic racer will likely be excited to know that the Fall Tour is officially coming to an end, and with that, new arrivals are just around the corner.

Mario Kart Tour it is the mobile variant of the long term Mario Kart series, which has received mixed reactions from fans since its release. While the return of classic tracks and the addition of new tracks, runners and costumes has been widely appreciated, the nature of monetization Mario Kart Tour has left players sour. However, fans turned off by the game’s “free-to-start” style have another option to try out some of the new tracks. Choose Mario Kart Tour pieces added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the Booster Course Pass DLC, giving players a chance to try out some new tracks on the tour while revisiting some classics from previous console entries in the series.


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Mario Kart Tour officially announced that the game’s next Tour will begin on November 15, introducing the Animal Tour. The Animal Tour will feature a classic Mario Kart track, DK Mountain. He originally debuted in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!the piece also had a previous comeback Mario Kart Wii, albeit with some modifications. Surprisingly, it’s the GameCube version that players can expect, not the Wii version. The rationale for using an older version of the map is not clear.

As with previous tours, a new line of Mii race suits has also been announced, this time with Wave 19. Mario Kart Tour doesn’t reveal much about what costumes will be added this time around, though it did offer a teaser video giving players some hints.

Mario Kart continues to be an incredibly successful franchise for Nintendo with no signs of stopping or slowing down. Fans have long wondered if Mario Kart 9 would it eventually make it to the Switch, or if such a title wouldn’t appear until Nintendo’s next console. While it’s not impossible for a sequel to be released on the Switch, with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe getting new updates with a number of additional pieces, the probability is extremely low. There is also the possibility that new runners and suits from Mario Kart Tour they could eventually make it to the Switch version of the game, further extending its lifespan. However, Nintendo has not made any official comment on the possibility.

Mario Kart Tour is now available for mobile devices.

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