The Top 5 Factions That Amazon’s ‘Warhammer 40K’ Series Should Bring Out

A new game adaptation is on the horizon and its fans Warhammer he couldn’t be more pleased.

The beloved miniatures wargame is officially getting a streaming adaptation on Amazon, and Henry Cavill’s name is already attached to the project. The popular actor announced his engagement with a Warhammer 40K series via an Instagram post, in which he gushed about his ongoing desire to see the rich, futuristic world adapted for live action. Cavill expressed his desire to see a Warhammer Cinematic Universe – on par with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe – created and promised fans that he would preserve the soul of the legend.

News that a live-action version of the perennially popular Warhammer 40 thousand is set to hit Amazon, with none other than Cavill at the helm, serves as a much-needed balm to recent wounds. Cavill’s exit from both The Witcher And the role of Superman was difficult for his fans to digest, so news that he will fulfill a lifelong dream Warhammer it’s exactly what the fans needed. There are also few actors fans trust as much as Cavill to stay true to his origins, which is surprising news to his hordes Warhammer fans out there.

With news of the adaptation flooding the web, longtime fans of the tiny wargame are focusing on the small details. We don’t know much about Amazon’s adaptation yet, but we’ve already picked out the top five factions the series should feature over the course of its run.

The Warhammer Amazon factions absolutely Needs to point out

Warhammer - Amazon
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Warhammer 40 thousand has been around for a long time, so news of an Amazon adaptation is garnering widespread attention. The very first one Warhammer The rulebook came out in the late 80s, and the years since then have seen it Warhammer become a staple of many players’ tabletop collections. The game has generated a huge amount of lore over the years and over 18 factions currently exist Warhammer 40K rule. Some are clearly more popular than others, and while all will likely get at least one mention in the Amazon series, fans would prefer zero focus on some more than others.

Astra Militarum

Militarum Faction - Warhammer
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The first faction that seems essential to any live-action adaptation is the Astra Militarum. If all else fails, this group of fighters will serve as the clearest mirror to our own fighting form and will feel the most familiar to the public. Every cinematic world needs its grunts, many of whom will throw their lives away in battles dominated by towering warlords and warrior gods and in Warhammer 40K world this role is filled by the Astra Militarum. Filled with tanks, heavy supports, and average, dedicated soldiers, this faction will serve as a mirror Star Warsclone army — organized, capable and efficient, but nothing much when faced with the Jedi.

Sisters of Battle

Sisters of Battle - Warhammer
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In 2022 and beyond, you can’t imagine a Warhammer 40K adaptation that does not include Sisters of Battle. They are some of the oldest staples Warhammer lore, which stretches back to the early versions of the game and remains one of the most interesting Warhammer lineups. The Sisters of Battle are dedicated to hunting down and rooting out heretics and stand as official protectors of the Church. The faction offers a wonderful opportunity to either lean on or poke fun at the same religious iconography they’re steeped in, and should serve as a great opportunity to bring some really impressive – and enjoyable – weapons to live action.

Blood Angels

Blood Angels logo
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They’re technically a minor faction and don’t have the clear name recognition of the Space Marines, but the more interesting and grim elements of the Blood Angels could really enhance a live-action adaptation. Blood Angels are unique in an unfortunate trait they all share, due to a flaw in their genes. All Blood Angels run the risk of succumbing to the Black Rage, a violent rage that causes an illicit thirst for literal blood. This rage is largely inevitable, forcing them all to eventually move into the Society of Death, a truly brutal and ferocious fighting force determined to find either blood or death on the battlefield.

Space Marines

Space Marines
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Space Marines are an absolute must-have, thanks to many factors. This faction has been the inspiration for a huge number of sci-fi properties, and each of them has some Space Marine flavor. This is arguably the most populous faction Warhammer canon, and tends to be the most popular among gamers. There is a huge amount of lore surrounding the Space Marines, and at the end of the day any Warhammer History would be incomplete without these fearless, skilled warriors.

Adeptus Custodes

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This choice clears our list for two reasons: because it’s one of Henry Cavill’s preferred categories and could present a great casting choice for the burly actor, and because he’d be incredibly cool in live action. The “first and greatest of the super-soldiers the Emperor built,” this faction is made up of peerless warriors with truly godlike abilities. They are as close to genuine superheroes as they come Warhammer, and utterly destroy against whatever force they direct their power. In live action, they’re sure to steal the show and we’d love to see Cavill take the stage as one of these awe-inspiring champions.

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