The sour cream container gets a funny God of War Makeover

God of War’s protagonist seems to be popping up everywhere one looks these days, and now that includes the side of a container of sour cream.

Cream, an ingredient loved by millions of people around the world thanks to the culinary delights it makes possible, now has an unlikely new role: God of War promotional partner. At least, he assumed that responsibility in one very specific instance where he found the lead character of the popular video game franchise appearing in a plastic container one would expect to find in the dairy aisle at his local Walmart. God of War they really seem to be everywhere these days.


in 2005, God of War made its first appearance as a game of the same name released on the PlayStation 2. Since then, the action/adventure game has inspired several sequels and even a much newer entry, also known as God of War. In 2022, the latest installment carried the franchise into another decade while being one of the best looking games of 2022.

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A God of War fan, perhaps fresh from an extended play session with God of War Ragnarok, couldn’t help but notice similarities between recurring hero Kratos and a simple container of sour cream. With a little help from a Sharpie marker, vRyanLevi brought the vision to life by drawing a quick sketch that finds the character’s left eye peering out through a red line, just like in the games. The line work is very good and the result is almost as nice as that time a God of War Ragnarok fan baked Kratos cookies for Christmas.

Kratos-related artwork isn’t exactly uncharted territory, but the character’s enduring popularity has inspired creators to push aggressively in some interesting new directions. One player made a Kratos figure out of pipe cleaners. Another drew him to the iconic Dragon Ball Z art style, and another fan created an incredibly detailed rendering using only colored pencils. The game developers and artists of tomorrow are starting some truly amazing work today.

As is often the case with fandoms, interest in Kratos has already led some fans to imagine what role the character might play in other video game worlds. One particularly inventive fan even made a video of Kratos entering the Super Mario universe. Other fans brought him to life Elden Ring and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and a modder created a mod to remove his bushy beard. Given the responses the character has enjoyed so far, there’s no telling where Kratos will appear next or what he might look like. He might even make another appearance in the dairy aisle, this time on purpose. Stranger things have happened.

God of War Ragnarok is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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