The Overwatch 2 clip shows just how dangerous mercy can be when using her pistol

His fan Overwatch 2 shared a clip of support character Mercy absolutely decimating an opposing team with her pistol, winning the game of the game in the process. Over the years, many fans of Blizzard’s heroic shooter have complained that Mercy has become overpowered, and for some players, this video may serve to reinforce those claims.

Mercy is a support character Overwatch 2, capable of healing her teammates and delivering critical damage that can help turn the tide of battle. Her Caduceus Staff allows her to heal allies and provide a buff that temporarily bypasses obstacles, making her an invaluable addition to any Overwatch 2 club. While not primarily designed as an offensive character, Mercy’s Caduceus Blaster allows her to deliver death from above when paired with her ultimate, Valkyrie. The Caduceus Blaster has a high rate of fire and a larger hitbox than many other weapons Overwatch 2which led to calls from some players to ask Blizzard for Mercy’s weapon.


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In a video shared on r/overwatch2, Reddit user rizundah combines all of Mercy’s abilities into one impressive play to deliver a victory for his team and win the game of the game. In the short clip, rizundah quickly dispatches an enemy with his pistol before activating Mercy’s Ultimate, Valkyrie, letting him take to the skies. Zipping across the battlefield, rizundah heals teammates using Mercy’s Caduceus Staff before dispatching multiple enemies with Caduceus Blaster while still in the air. Commenting on the video, rizundah stated that their teammates failed to kill the other team, so they had to take matters into their own hands.

Many Overwatch 2 Fans responding to the clip congratulated rizundah on the impressive play, with some Reddit users sharing their own strategies for making the best use of Mercy’s abilities. One impressed commenter, who states that they usually play as Widowmaker, noted that they felt scared every time they heard a Mercy player use Valkyrie due to her pistol being idle when hit by the Ultimate. The angelic support character has undergone several balance changes since the first Overwatchincluding changes made to Mercy’s super jump following feedback received during it Overwatch 2 beta.

This Overwatch 2 The clip is a great example of why Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter has managed to maintain such a large and loyal fan base. With heroes with weapons and movesets that allow for more depth than the typical tank, healer, etc. archetypes, Overwatch 2 it allows players to be creative in how they choose to play. As a result, even a literal angel like Mercy can become a dealer of death in the right hands.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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