The Last Guardian Developer GenDesign Teases Possible Game Announcement in 2023

In a Twitter message shared on New Year’s Eve, The Last Guardian developer GenDesign teased that it plans to announce its next game in 2023.

The studio back The Last Guardian teases the announcement of her next project in 2023. GenDesignHis next project has been highly anticipated since founder Fumito Ueda started teasing it in 2018. But Ueda is known for his projects taking longer than expected to complete development. Fans waited patiently, knowing that GenDesign would share more information about its next game when it could. That time may soon be approaching.

The history of GenDesign may be short, as it was founded in 2014 and has just been completed The Last Guardian up to this point, but has a reputation that goes way back to 2014. GenDesign is the brainchild of Fumito Ueda and Team Ico. Before The Last GuardianUeda and his team did both Ico and Shadow of the Colossusreleased in 2001 and 2005, respectively. The Last Guardian It then took over a decade to make, with Ueda and Team Ico letting Sony open up GenDesign to complete the project.


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In a message posted on GenDesign’s official Twitter account, the studio wished all fans a Happy New Year and linked to job openings in a hiring push. He also had a special message to share. GenDesign says 2023 is “finally a year where we can bring you a lot to talk about.” The bottom line is that they will be able to officially announce GenDesign’s next project in 2023.

However, GenDesign is not fully committed to making a game announcement. He even hedges his initial statement somewhat, saying he’s “working hard to make this happen.” In other words, there will still be a lot of work to do before GenDesign’s next project is ready to share. However, the developers at GenDesign are working hard to make it happen and hope fans will continue to look forward to it.

Little is known about GenDesign’s next project. The only official information about the game was shared via a teaser image showing what appeared to be the first footage of the game. Appropriately, it featured a boy or man in some kind of cloak standing next to something very large, resting his hand on it. It could hint that GenDesign’s next project will involve another partner, similar to The Last Guardianof Triko.

Whatever GenDesign’s next project is, fans will be eagerly awaiting it. Fumito Ueda and Team Ico may only have three previous games, but these games hold a special place in the hearts of their players. Reaching his heights Shadow of the Colossus, Icoor even The Last Guardian it may be asking too much, but the fans will continue to support GenDesignits efforts towards 2023 and beyond.

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