The hilarious Pokemon Scarlet and Violet clip shows a shrinking Heracross

A funny clip taken from a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet raid shows a trainer’s Heracross quickly shrinking to the point where it’s barely visible.

A strange one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The bug caused a Heracross to shrink so much that it is barely visible. The funny bug is just one of the many issues plaguing the latest version in its long-running release POKEMON privilege. While this is funny, it highlights an ongoing problem with games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been praised for some of their changes and advancements, such as moving to an open-world environment and giving players the chance to play side-by-side with friends. The game has also sold extremely well. However, many fans remain unhappy with the game due to its myriad of glitches, bugs, performance issues, and other issues.


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A new video shared by MrDjWalnut shows the bug in action. In the middle of a raid, a trainer sends Heracross. Everything seems normal for a moment, but then Heracross suddenly disappears, then reappears, having shrunk enormously, looking even smaller than a Poke doll. The visual glitch is pretty funny and thankfully has no real impact on the game other than looking a bit silly. It is unclear if Heracross ever regained its normal size during the fight, nor is it obvious why it shrunk in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many bugs players have been experiencing since its release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Similar funny bugs included random Psyducks phasing in and out of the world, but bigger problems include models and landmarks flashing in and out, framerate drops, and outright bugs. Some have debated whether the real problem lies with the Switch’s hardware capabilities as the console continues to grow, but either way, the game has left many POKEMON fans bitter.

Participating in raids, picnics, and simply exploring the world with other players was a big hit with fans. However, problems continue to plague the game to the point where players have questioned whether the former Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The patch did everything to improve the performance of the game. While many developers and publishers have been accused of releasing half-baked games that took longer to develop, POKEMON The games were traditionally pretty stable, which made these problems even more severe.

Until a more major patch comes out from Game Freak, players will just have to continue to put up with these weird issues. The developer has remained pretty tight-lipped about the situation, so fans will have to wait to see when the next patch arrives and if it manages to fix the biggest issues the game has.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.

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