The Elden Ring video shows that Hitboxes are extremely accurate

An Elden Ring player posts a fascinating video showing the deadly accuracy of the game’s hitboxes during close range combat.

A stellar one Elden Ring The clip showcases the game’s hitboxes and demonstrates that they line up perfectly with the edges of the character models. Fans and players around the world are enjoying the Game of the Year 2022, Elden Ringand more and more players are jumping into the Lands Between as the Tarnished to try to re-form the Elden Ring.

As players enter Elden RingThe new free-for-all PVP content in Colosseum, the game’s fluid and complex combat systems attract even more attention as praise than ever before. In any game that involves competitive PVP play, it is vital that the mechanics, rules, graphics, and physics work flawlessly in order to level the playing field and create the best possible experience for all players.


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YouTube user Darth Senju posts a great video showing Elden Ringhis hitboxes. For those who don’t know, a hitbox is basically just the outline or outline of a character or object that will cause a collision of some sort. In fighting and fighting games, this collision would be a punch or a sword strike or something similar, while in a racing game, this collision might be with the boundaries of a track or an obstacle placed in the path. Here, Darth Senju shows how their character barely dodges projectiles from an enemy while going through an animation of his own attack.

Slow motion video really shows Elden RingIts accurate hitboxes, which players will appreciate so much as they face off against each other in the Colosseum. Many times, developers will work hard to fix and update hitboxes in competitive games, such as MultiVersusof updated hitboxes.

Sometimes, players are surprised or even annoyed by the different interactions that hitboxes can cause in a game. This Overwatch 2 The clip shows how Kiriko’s hands can block the hitbox around her head, preventing headshots from occurring. This causes a problem and imbalance in competitive play Overwatch 2as players can exploit this to gain the upper hand.

Of course, Elden Ring Players needn’t worry about these issues, as Darth Senju’s video clearly shows. The hitboxes are quite expensive. Although Elden Ring Players would like more variety in the Colosseum battles, at least they don’t have to worry about minor hitbox issues that could cause them to lose a match in a pinch.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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