The Elden Ring Invader drops a dangerous item that could knock the host out of the game

During a recent PvP interaction, a Elden Ring The player picked up an item dropped by the attacker, but it was an item that could get them banned from the game. Elden Ring it plays like an open world evolution of it Dark souls privilege. Unfortunately, it carries some of the Souls series issues such as some players getting their hands on items that aren’t supposed to be in the game and then tricking others into taking them to get their accounts banned.

Elden Ring allows players to team up with their friends in co-op to explore the Lands Between together, killing bosses and finding secrets. However, starting a Elden Ring The co-op session leaves one person open to attack by PvP attackers. These PvP raiders can cause real problems Elden Ring Players by killing them and ruining their progress in a certain area, but some are particularly bad.


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Reddit user PeatzzzZ recently had an encounter with one Elden Ring PvP attacker who dropped an item into their game world. Upon picking up the item, PeatzzzZ discovered that it was Brave’s Cord Circlet, something that cannot be obtained in-game through normal methods. Although the Brave’s Cord Circlet has a description and stats, it is an item that was cut from the game and players cannot carry it over to the actual game. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco are known to forbid players from having these kinds of hacked items in their inventory, so it’s possible that PeatzzzZ will face some consequences, even though it’s not really their fault that they have it.

Elden RingIts online features are a huge part of the experience, so it would be very unfortunate to get banned for a mistake like this. But since this issue exists, it is better for Elden Ring Players should be careful when collecting items for strangers, especially PvP intruders with malicious intent.

Not all of them Elden Ring PvP attackers drop items that can lock others out of the game, of course. There are some they have used Elden Ring PvP raids to collect humorous items for host players and their partners. For example, a fan was pretending to be one Elden Ring Door Dasher, enters other players’ games, drops a boiled crab, then leaves.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how the Elden Ring The PvP experience evolves as you progress. Rumor has it they leaked Elden Ring The DLC will have a PvP-focus, but no official details have been announced for this at the time of writing.

Elden Ring out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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