The Death Stranding 2 fan takes Fragile’s place in an almost identical promotional recreation

A fan has recreated the Death Stranding 2 teaser featuring the character Fragile with such skill that it’s almost impossible to know which one is the real thing.

A costume artist has confused her friends with her rendition of Fragile from Death Stranding 2 because recreating an advertising photo is almost identical. The fan has previously dressed as Fragile since the original Death Strandingand got to pose for pictures with Hideo Kojima himself.

Kojima is famous for creating hype for his games, whether it’s weird countdown timers, releasing trailers with the wrong character, or Death Stranding 2displaying silhouettes with odd questions at the top and more recently giving players the chance to redeem codes for Death Stranding 2 PlayStation avatar. Despite the attempt at secrecy, there were rumors about Death Stranding 2 was presented at The Game Awards and those speculations turned out to be true.


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The trailer shown for Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards featured Fragile in a big way, and the character has since enjoyed a lot of fan attention. Especially from Reddit user Angelinazelda, who recreated one Death Stranding 2 ad still with amazing accuracy. Right down to the exact shade of red used and the texture of the character’s hair.

The recreation is so accurate that most of the comments on the Reddit post say they had difficulties deciphering who was the original video game character and who was the real person. Many said the key to finally realizing it was real life was the baby’s plastic appearance in the Redditor’s recreation. This is shown, along with the graphics comparison Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion and the original, how impressive modern graphics really are.

Other users claim to be able to tell the two apart from the missing list of actor names at the bottom of the image, but otherwise it looks like the recreation is near perfect. In the comments, Angelinazelda posted a link to an image with some of the editing effects cut out to show how she created the amazing work. The additional image shows that despite the seemingly dark lighting, the photo was taken during the day to get the right effects. The efforts that went into creating this scene show the love and care for a game created for players by people with an artistic vision like Kojima. The added focus on Fragile recently has some players expecting a character or plot twist like this Metal Gear Solid 2 For Death Stranding 2but until the game is released fans will have to wait and pay tribute with works like this.

Death Stranding 2 currently in development for PS5.

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