The brave TikTok challenge sees the player break over 100 assists

The brave TikTok challenge sees the player break over 100 assists

Brave players are highly competitive and can’t say no to a wacky Valorant TikTok challenge. When an opportunity presents itself, the ranked fiends of the FPS game are quick to put aside their terror and jump on the troll bandwagon to repeat challenges that can cost them ELO. Now, kill-hungry Valorant players let their teammates finish off enemies while they settle for an assist. Why; You can ask. It’s a brand new TikTok challenge.

A new TikTok challenge is making the rounds and players are posting new records for the highest assists in a ranked game. Valorant’s Whisper network says the highest number is 112, but this has yet to be proven. But Valorant streamer Camb posted a new live stream record by getting 108 assists with Skye.

Content creator Trey ‘Camb’ jumped on the new trend in live streaming and managed to rack up 108 assists with the help of his teammates. The incredible record was no accident. Camp planned the whole thing with his teammates. While this trend is fun to watch, getting more than 20 assists in Valorant isn’t easy. So how did Camp do it?

Skye is generally the best agent for this task, thanks to her infinite healing tank that refills. After choosing the healer, Camb asked his teammate to choose damage agents like Raze, Sova, and Brimstone to hurt his teammates inside the egg. Camp would then heal his injured teammates, so every time they got a kill, it would automatically count on his assist board.

But it wasn’t that simple. Camp and his friends had to play three ranked matches before they could pass 100 assists. Getting 50+ assists in a short game of Valorant is like herding cats. So they had to win 12 runs and start throwing until the game went into overtime. And that’s how Camp finally managed to sneak up on the world record of 112 assists.

The streamer will attempt to break the record next week, and while some want him, most players aren’t happy. This TikTok goes against many unwritten Valorant rules. For example, dropping the game, harming your teammates, and intentionally harming your teammates’ progress if you are alone.

It’s a fun challenge, but there’s no time for jokes in Valorant anymore. Competitive mode gets more challenging with Valorant Premier mode. You may want to sharpen the saw by choosing the best Valorant crossword cheats to get ahead of the competition.

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