The biggest mysteries besides who dies

The White LotusUsing the murder mystery as a plot structure almost feels like it’s making fun of the typical murder mystery series. The first season’s death may have been tragic, but somehow by the end of it viewers were more caught up in whether a woman would actually get paid to open her own spa. Sometimes it feels like Mike White was writing his script for the original season and an HBO executive said, “Wow, we love it! Just a note: Could you turn this into some sort of mystery? Maybe for some murder or death? It really worked for us Big Little Lies, The Repeal, Mare of Eastown, Sharp objectsand basically every other miniseries we’ve greenlit in recent memory.”

So as we reach the midpoint of this season, we tend to think that focusing solely on who’s going to die is missing the point. For us, that’s just one of the many questions the series needs to resolve over the next three episodes. Here, a roundup of all the biggest questions (both death-related and otherwise) we still have.

Will there really be murders?

We already know that a lot of bodies are piling up at the end of Season 2, but while the first iteration ended in murder (or at least manslaughter, depending on what the jury decides), there’s no guarantee we’re necessarily looking at an overt murder. year. In the very first scene, hotel manager Valentina arrives at the property and learns that one guest has “drowned” and “few” others have been “killed”. He was killed implies a concept of death other than natural causes, but does not necessarily mean that it is homicide. We’ve already seen an elderly guest take a bad fall and another person on the property suffer a drug overdose. Does this all foreshadow death by other means than murder? Could someone fall while trying to climb this house on a hill?

Are Cameron and Daphne Swingers?

While Harper (Aubrey Plaza) and Ethan (Will Sharpe) remain unclear about Cameron’s (Theo James) and Daphne’s (Meghann Fahy) intentions in inviting them on the trip in the first place, they both have a sneaking suspicion that there is a ulterior motive. Although Cameron finally makes a business proposal, he thinks there may be more to it. Are Harper and Ethan’s wallets the only thing in the other couple’s pants they’re after?

It is reasonable. Cameron and Daphne seem to have a sophisticated understanding of monogamy. Cameron has already stripped down in Harper’s presence, and the midseason preview hints at more encounters to come. Additionally, Daphne has noted how positive it is that Harper doesn’t know anyone else that she does.

What’s the deal with homoeroticism?

Hints of homosexuality between Ethan and Cameron flared wide open in the first scene in Episode 4, when Cameron teases Ethan that, well, she wants to be inside him. However, the show did not elaborate. Was it just some weird straight teasing? Was there something else going on in their dorm room years ago? It’s safe to assume that both men love women (Cameron through his night with Lucia, Ethan through his choice of laptop porn), but sexuality isn’t always such a neat binary. Still, hungry dudes love to say weird things to each other.

Is Albie Incel?

One of the most popular theories on Twitter right now is that our sweet, sweet (too sweet?) boy Albie is secretly some kind of Incel, or at least a dreaded “good guy.” The kids who think grandpa is a golden age misogynist, dad is a hypocritical misogynist (he claims to be a feminist but still sees women’s bodies as objects and his estranged wife’s feelings too much), so the son must to be a modern taste of women- hater too. The kind that has visited 4chan once or twice.

We’re not so sure it’ll be that literal, and in recent interviews the cast seemed unfazed by the theory. Then again, the potential plot escalation of finding out that the woman you just hooked up with was also sleeping with your father for money could have a way of bringing Albie’s true feelings about women to the fore.

Are Harper and Ethan breaking up?

Assuming Harper and Ethan both remain in the mortal realm, will their marriage survive the journey?

The pair somehow seem to fit together, at least in a practical way. They share similar introverted tendencies and share similar values. They’re probably the kind of couple who have a few shows they like to watch together, enjoy similar restaurants, and don’t argue about what’s playing on their hybrid’s radio (NPR and, like, The Shins, we guess). This may be rare to find in any relationship, but does that mean they are soul mates? Because there’s little passion between the pair, and the two seemed headed for some kind of fight even before a condom wrapper was discovered (again, circling back to the fact that they share a tendency to avoid confrontation, at least with each other).

There is almost certainly some conflict between the two brewers, but will it end up tearing their relationship apart or enriching it in some way? There are always sadder options: the couple realizes they’re miserable together, but decide to go back home and continue their lives together anyway because neither of them has the guts to really make any other changes.

Will Greg’s double life really be that obvious?

Before Greg heads back to the Midwest on business, Tanya catches him chatting with someone else, leading us all to believe he has another girlfriend at home and is just using Virgin T for money. Is Really will it be so obvious though? There has to be one more major twist in this story, right?

Is Valentina a lesbian?

While we love Mike White’s commitment to making The White Lotus an exclusive hotel chain run by a global group of depressed gays, are we so sure that Valentina’s budding interest in young hotel receptionist Isabella is romantic? It very well could be, but we’ve also been told that Valentina is a lonely woman. Maybe she’s desperate for any kind of connection, and just uncomfortable with the ways she’s going about it.

What’s up with Quintin’s Squad?

The fourth episode is an interesting time to introduce a whole new batch of characters. We suspect that, aside from Quintin and his nephew Jack, most of them will remain in the middle of the show (not quite a background character, but not quite additional leads), but the fact that there are so many of them has to mean something. Even one of the children from Emily in Paris suddenly checked in White Lotus. We have too little information to make any wild assumptions, but we’ll keep an eye out. Especially when Tanya and Portia are taking a trip to Palermo with them next week.

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