The 10 best Christmas stockings for 2022

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The most traditional Christmas stockings are red, green and white and have a classic Christmas theme such as Santa Claus, trees or reindeer. Most are made of polyester or knitted fabric. Almost all will be filled with festive cards and stocking stuffers such as candies and small gifts on Christmas Day.

But what if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary? Maybe you want to match your home decor, you’re looking for a gift for a family member or friend, or you just want to have fun with your holiday decorations. Luckily, there are Christmas stockings for almost any theme or style, and we’ve rounded up the best ones for everyone.

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Best Christmas Stocking Overall: Classic Velvet Stocking, at Pottery Barn, starting at $14.50
The Pottery Barn Classic Velvet Stocking is a simple and traditional red and white stocking that can be personalized.

The best knitted Christmas stocking: Eugenie2 Knitted Christmas Stocking, available on Etsy, $43.75
Warm up your holiday mantle with the soft knit Christmas sweater stocking — you can even personalize it.

The Best Personalized Christmas Stocking: Needlepoint Christmas Stocking, available at LL Bean, $29.95
These personalized Christmas stockings are available in eight different needlepoint patterns and two different monogram fonts.

The Best Vintage Style Christmas Stocking: Needlepoint Christmas Stockings, available at Lands’ End, $19.97
The perfect marriage of tradition, quality and whimsy, Lands’ End Christmas Needlepoint Stockings will make you just as happy on your tenth Christmas as your first.

The Best Quilted Christmas Stocking: Rose Cottage Patterns Quilted Christmas Stocking, available on Etsy, $36.99
If you want something that adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to your holiday decor, you’ll love our beautiful Quilted Christmas Stocking.

The best family Christmas stockings: Kunyida Christmas Stockings, available at Amazon, $39.71
If you’re looking for something simple with enough options to match any holiday theme, you’ll be happy with Kunyida Christmas stockings.

The Best Christmas Stocking for Kids: Kids Quilted Christmas Stocking, available at Pottery Barn, $23
Pottery Barn Kids has a huge selection of adorable and creative socks for kids, including Mickey, Minnie and Rudolph.

The best Christmas stocking for sports fans: Team Christmas Socks, available at Fanatics, $19.99
Let Santa know exactly the team you want for with the Fanatics Christmas Socks.

Best Dog Christmas Stocking: Frisco Paw Holiday Personalized Dog Stocking, available at Chewy, $19.95
This personalized toe sock will help your furry best friend make their mark as a true member of the family.

Best Cat Christmas Stocking: Santa Belt Cat Christmas Stocking, available at Bed Bath & Beyond, $19.99
Santa won’t forget the felines of the house when you hang this fish-shaped cat Christmas stocking.

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