Splatoon 3 is bringing back another Salmon Run Stage next season

Splatoon 3 adds to the list of available Salmon Run stages by restoring a location from Splatoon 2. Salmon Run Next Wave, the 4 player co-op mode Splatoon 3, only had 3 stages at launch, so another location is probably a welcome addition for many fans. This latest news about the mode comes as players await the release of Season 2 of the game in about a few weeks.

Not long ago, Nintendo revealed new details about its upcoming season Splatoon 3. Known as Chill Season, the developer provided details on a number of different features coming to the arena shooter. For example, it was revealed that two maps will be added to the game, the new Brinewater Springs and Flounder Heights from the original Splatoon. Additionally, new weapons, equipment and X Battles have already been revealed. However, the developer isn’t done revealing the upcoming content, continuing to drop new information for eager fans to check out.


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Among the latest information to be revealed was news of the Salmon Run for Splatoon 3. On November 18, the Splatoon North America Twitter account announced that a new Salmon Run stage had been added to the game. Specifically, he noted that the location was Marooner’s Bay, which had been featured in the past Splatoon 2. The scene was described as “an egg-collecting dream” based on the message from the developer, and would become available with Chill Season on December 1st.

In addition, some images of Marooner’s Bay were shown, providing a look at the layout of the return location. One of the highlights of the design was the huge ship that took up most of the stage. In addition, the images provided a glimpse of the sand dune on which the vessel was located. An elevator to the upper level of the ship was also seen in one of the shots.

As expected, many fans had their thoughts on the announcement, with some commenting on the tweet. Many players seemed excited about the reveal of more Salmon Run content, as the post has already garnered more than 13.4k likes. While many people seemed happy about the stage’s upcoming return, some noted that they were waiting for the developer to bring back Ark Polaris, another classic Salmon Run stage from Splatoon 2.

In addition to this return stage for Salmon Run, it is worth noting that Nintendo wants to add even more content to the Splatoon 3 through the Big Run. Teased for a while now, Nintendo has revealed that the event brings the classic Salmonid splatting action of Salmon Run to other maps, such as Wahoo World. Time will tell on what other details Splatoon 3 are revealed ahead of the start of the next season.

Splatoon 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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