Soul Hackers 2 Sales Below Expectations

A recent financial report notes that the recently released Shin Megami Tensei spin-off, Soul Hackers 2falls short of how Sega expected to sell the game. Soul Hackers 2 is the sequel to the original Soul Hackers spin-off released in 1997, is a version of cyberpunk Shin Megami Tensei privilege. It still contains the same elements from the franchise, such as the demon fusion mechanic. Soul Hackers 2 is the first entry after a long gap between the last Soul Hackers game, released on every modern gaming platform except the Nintendo Switch.


Despite its critical reception Soul Hackers 2 To be fair, the fan reception was pretty mixed. While some liked its plot and characters Soul Hackers 2, others were quite critical of certain aspects. This includes uninspired dungeon design, DLC practices, and how the game is designed, among other things. With the general perception of the game by critical and wary fans, it results in low sales, an aspect commented on by Sega themselves.

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In a recent investor Q&A session with the company’s financial reports for the second half of the fiscal year, one of the questions asked about the expected level of sales Soul Hackers 2, which Haruki Satomi and Koichi Fukazawa note is “struggling” to live up to expectations. The two note that the game is one that could sell in the long run, so they will continue to update the game in the future to expand sales even more. One of those updates will be coming this month, which will include QOL improvements and new demons.

In the same Q&A session, they were asked why Persona 5 Royal it had broken sales records and was still a critically acclaimed game. Both replied that they thought it was a remastered game that had already been praised, and that now on PC it would be an effective platform. They also stated that remastering other Atlus games midway through development would be an effective practice.

Soul Hackers 2 Not meeting the parent company’s standards is strange, as Sega usually mentions how “pleased” they are with Atlus games, or how they’re beating sales expectations. This resulted in gamers blaming Atlus and Sega for the low sales due to several factors. This includes naked marketing, an uncertain premise that it is a continuation of the original but shares elements with it Personality series, along with its release so close Persona 5 RoyalHis biggest debut across multiple platforms. Some have speculated that poor sales reception could lead to a Switch port down the road.

Soul Hackers 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Sega (via Persona Central)

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