Sonic Frontiers has references to Jet, Tangle, Cream and other Sonic friends

Sonic Frontiers may have a smaller cast of characters than other games in the series, but that doesn’t stop the Blue Blur from mentioning all the friends he’s made along the way, including awesome picks like Tangle, Cream, and Jet.

One of the biggest changes Frontiers makes to the Sonic formula is that it’s now open-zone, allowing Sonic to run wherever he wants to complete challenges and just generally explore the environment. There are specific locations in the world that will cause Sonic to make a comment to himself, most of which are references to other Sonic locations and characters.

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YouTuber Faz Faz put together a compilation of all the comments Sonic makes in regards to the friends he’s met along the way, and while some are obvious like references to popular characters like Rouge and Shadow, there are some much deeper cuts. have interesting implications.

One of the more surprising callbacks is Tangle, a lemur who debuted in the IDW comic series in 2018. Tangle has not appeared in any mainline Sonic games, but Sonic saying “I bet Tangle would live to climb into these ruins” confirms that it also exists in the gaming universe. Not too surprising considering Ian Flynn came up with the character and was the lead character writer for Frontiers.

A similar canonization occurs in a cutscene with Amy, who mentions Sticks the Badger from Sonic Boom, another character who has yet to appear in the mainline universe. Let’s all pretend that Sonic Boom was just an amazingly fantastic TV show and never mention the game again, deal?

Sonic also makes reference to some characters that haven’t been seen or mentioned in years. When coming up against certain enemies, Sonic can occasionally say “That’s some big firepower. Omega would be jealous.” Sonic will also mention Jet the Hawk from Sonic Riders, saying “It kind of reminds me of where we found Babylon Garden. I wonder what Jet is doing.”

Fans of the series will also be happy to know that the forgotten Cream the Rabbit also gets some special mentions in Frontiers. When running, Sonic can say “Amy… Cream will never forgive me if I don’t bring you back!”. Amy also directly refers to Cream in another cutscene. Since Cream was one of the most popular characters in the series back in the PS2 era, it’s nice to see some respect given to her name.

Other Sonic characters mentioned in the cutscenes are Shadow, Rouge, and Blaze, all characters that appear a bit more frequently in recent Sonic games. Interestingly, Zavok from Lost World is also referenced in one of Sonic’s jokes about himself.

His friends aren’t the only thing Sonic will be referencing, as another Faz Faz video shows that Sonic will also be commenting on locations around the Starfall Islands. There are many more than that, but places like Green Hill, Mystic Ruins, Spagonia, Shamar, Sandopolis and others are mentioned. Sonic is just a little reference machine in Frontiers, isn’t he?

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