‘Sister Wives’ star Gwendlyn Brown says she doesn’t like Robyn Brown

  • Kody and Christine’s daughter said she doesn’t like Kody’s wife Robyn Brown “as a person.”
  • After watching an episode of “Sister Wives,” Gwendlyn Brown said she liked Robyn “even less.”
  • Gwendlyn said Robyn doesn’t approach her but was “kind and sweet” to her partner at an event.

TLC’s “Sister Wives” star Gwendlyn Brown shared her true feelings about her dad Kody Brown’s fourth wife, Robyn Brown, in a YouTube video posted Wednesday in which she rewatched a recent episode of the hit reality show of her family.

In a question and answer section of the video, Gwendlyn responded to a fan who asked her if her feelings about Robyn or her father had changed after watching the show.

“I feel less for Robin watching this, but I feel like it’s not very fair of me because I don’t really like her as a person,” Gwentlyn said. “Well, that’s probably not an entirely valid answer. But seeing her make me like her less for sure.”

Gwendlyn, 21, is Kody’s fourth child with his ex Christine Brown, who was once Kody’s third wife. Her parents were “spiritually” married for over 25 years before announcing their separation to the public in November 2021.

Cody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, confirmed that she and Cody had “separated” on “Sister Wives: One on One” Season 17, which began airing in December 2022. His first wife, Mary Brown, revealed that the Kody “made the decision” to end their spiritual marriage on the “Tell-all Special,” meaning Robyn is the only wife Kody is currently married to and has an affair with, according to public knowledge .

When asked by a fan if she thought her father “can see his mistakes and build better relationships with his kids,” Gwentlyn responded diplomatically.

“As humans, I think we’re all usually oblivious to our mistakes and when we’ve hurt our loved ones — especially our loved ones,” he said. “And we’re quite unlikely to admit when we’ve made a mistake.”

She added that while she had to be the one to communicate with Kody recently, he is “working” on communicating with his kids and “getting better” at it.

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Gwendlyn mentioned that Robyn received “princess treatment” from her dad in the past, though she said that COVID and Kody’s separation from Christine probably made Robyn’s life more difficult. “I’m sure she still gets more and kinder attention from him,” she added.

The 21-year-old recently announced her engagement to her partner Beatriz Queiroz. She said in her video that Robyn doesn’t approach any of Kody’s kids with other wives, but that at a recent family event Robyn was “kind and sweet” to her partner.

The second part of “Sister Wives: One on One” will air on January 1st on TLC.

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