Shonda Rhimes and other celebrities quit Twitter after Musk bought it

Shonda Rhimes and other celebrities quit Twitter after Musk bought it

  • Many celebrities say they quit Twitter after Elon Musk bought it.
  • Musk’s $44 billion deal to buy the social media platform closed on Thursday.
  • Some public figures have expressed concern about what the billionaire would do with the platform.

Celebrities are starting to leave Twitter after Elon Musk’s takeover.

Writer, producer and showrunner Shonda Rhimes he tweeted on Saturday: “Don’t hang around for anything Elon has planned. Bye.”

Rhimes was one of many to turn her back on the platform in recent days.

It follows online chatter in April, when some stars vowed to quit the platform after Musk’s deal closed, citing concern about what the billionaire would do at the helm of the company.

Since Musk completed the $44 billion deal, there has been an increase in hate speech on the platform. A research team he said that the use of the N-word on Twitter increased by almost 500% in the 12 hours after the acquisition.

Musk, a self-proclaimed “free speech stalwart,” has already announced that he is creating a new “content coordination board” for Twitter that will bring together different views.

Now, some celebrities are making good on their threats to quit Twitter.

Shonda Rhimes

The “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Brigerton” creator said Saturday she was exiting the platform. Rhimes tweeted that she didn’t plan to hang around “for what Elon has planned.”

Sarah Bareilles

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter also said she was leaving the platform over the weekend. Bareilles he tweeted on Sunday: “Well. It was fun Twitter. I’m out. See you on other platforms, look. Sorry, this isn’t for me.”

Ken Olin

Olin, an executive producer on the Emmy-winning show “This Is Us,” also said he is leaving the social networking app. Post one tweet on Friday, saying, “I’m out of here. No judgement.”

Brian Kopelman

Kopelman, the “Billions” showrunner, also closed his account. He told his Twitter followers to follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

He he said: “Really, come find me on instagram and tok. I’m really going to try to take a breather from here for a minute or a month, come hang out.”

Alex Winter

The ‘Bill & Ted’ star also appears to have left the platform. Of Twitter profile it’s blank and his tweet history has seemingly been deleted. His bio simply says: “Not here. IG: @alxwinter”

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