Sea of ​​​​Thieves Season 8 will make it easier to switch to PvP

The eighth season of Sea of ​​Thieves will introduce a new mechanic that makes it easier for players to engage in PvP mode.

Its eighth season Sea of ​​Thieves will bring a set of mechanics that will make it easier for players to engage in PvP modes. This season will be out on November 22nd, which is too soon. The pirated game from Microsoft and Rare has grown into a title with a solid and dedicated fan base, becoming a huge success. One of the most challenging things to add Sea of ​​Thieves is an improved PvP mode for player engagement, and that’s now on the way.


The game had a PvP mode separate from its main mode known as The Arena. While there were some fans, most criticized the feature for its lack of incentive to play. As a result, Sea of ​​ThievesThe Arena mode was shut down earlier this year, leaving some wondering what will replace it. The answer is a new PvP mode that will be implemented in Season 8, with a lengthy 9-minute video from the official YouTube channel detailing what to expect.

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The trailer notes how the new PvP opt-in system will work in its shared Adventure world Sea of ​​Thieves, as it will not be set to its own mode. There will be two opposing factions for the player to join, one for the Pirate Lord and Guardians of Fortune, while the other is the Servants of Flame who are bound to Flameheart and Reaper’s Bones. From there, players can choose to represent their faction while exploring and doing normal activities in the open world, or hunt and compete against opposing faction ships.

This is activated by a mechanic on the Captain’s table known as the Fortune Hourglass. From there, this hourglass can be used to choose which faction they wish to join, with that decision then selecting the mode and declaring their willingness to engage in PvP combat. From there, enemies can be found on the War Map, which allows them to dive underwater and find their opponents. Once an opponent is found, the ship will rise from the water, where they can then engage in ship battles, which will be in a specific battle area.

Each successful battle will increase the value of the Hourglass of Fate, with more gold being earned as well. Depending on what players do, they will earn Loyalty Points, which work like experience gained in Trading Companies. More loyalty will make the player a faction champion, which also makes them a bigger target for players to try their hand at defeating to gain some fame as well.

Sea of ​​Thieves out now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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