Sail Forth Brings Wind Waker-Style Sailing and Pirate Mysteries to Change Today

As revealed at today’s Inside the House of Indies event, Sail Forth has hit the Switch eShop, bringing with it heavy bursts of Wind Waker vibes.

This release has been a long time coming. After pushing a 2021 release, developer Festive Vector (seems seasonally appropriate) and publisher Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (not so seasonally) have finally released a game that’s all about sailing – and in a shade!

You will take on the role of a pirate who wakes up in the middle of a shipwreck. What follows is an adventure across the seas, discovering new islands, recruiting crew, and trying to figure out how on Earth (or sea, we suppose) you got there in the first place.

From the simplistic art style to the semi-realistic sailing mechanics, there’s more than a little Wind Waker here. And while the trailer may not have as much seascape appeal as some other recent indie titles like Wavetale, it looks to be an interesting adventure.

For more information on what the game is and some screenshots showing sailing in action, check out the following from the Quantum Astrophysicists Guild:

Discover uncharted areas such as the ice-filled Frigid Sea, ancient stone structures in the Green Ruins or impenetrable tree lines of the Pine Peaks. Scour the shores for upgrade materials, carver recruits, hidden Skull Clan bases, lock containers (or contain’arrs?), among many other sea activities. When your treasure runs out, take on over 30 side missions or challenge other batons to a variety of mini-games, including boat racin’, target shootin’, card gamin’, fishing contests, or photo collecting.

It’s not all fun games, mate, though, as you transform your fragile heavy fleet into a fearsome fleet with over 40 weapons, 20 ships, plus eight stat-types of rotating crewmates to choose from. Befriend the dark sailors or accept the pardon of repentant renegades after the sea skirmish to expand the crew to a full fleet of ships, devising various attack or navigation strategies. Bring the denizens of this glowing turquoise world together to save the planet from seven deep-sea villains corrupted by a mysterious substance known as, arr… The Deadrock.

Sail Forth is available on the Switch eShop right now £15.07 with a delicious 10% discount.

Taking to the high seas on Sail Forth? Fill your sails and let us know in the comments!

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