Ron Johnson’s shocking takedown of Barack Obama’s Social Security gets 14 million views

A frustrated Barack Obama made a storming dismissal of Sen. Ron Johnson during a midterm election campaign in Wisconsin.

Video of the former president’s remarks at a rally in Milwaukee on Saturday night went viral, garnering nearly 14 million views until Monday morning.

Obama campaigned on behalf of Democratic US Senate candidate Mandela Barnes, who is running against incumbent Republican Senator Johnson.

“Some of you here are on social security. Some of your parents are on social security. Some of your grandparents are on social security. Do you know why they have Social Security?’ Mr. Obama asked the crowd.

“Because they worked for it. They worked hard jobs for it. They’re up in arms about it. They had long hours and sore backs and sore knees to get that Social Security.”

In increasingly impassioned tones, the former president continued: “And if Ron Johnson doesn’t understand this — if he understands giving tax breaks for private jets more than making sure that seniors who have worked all their lives can retire . with dignity and respect – it’s not the person who thinks about you and knows you and sees you, and it shouldn’t be your senator from Wisconsin.”

Mr. Johnson, who is seeking a third term representing Wisconsin in the upper house of Congress, has criticized the Social Security program, saying in August that it is being mismanaged. Democrats argue that he is using this as an excuse to gut Social Security at the expense of older Americans.

Mr. Obama’s remarks drew praise for setting the midterms on fire.

Journalist Mehdi Hasan tweeted: “This is the passion, aggression and righteous anger towards the GOP and its agenda that every Democrat should be showing on the campaign trail. Listen to Obama, Democrats.”

Former Obama staffer and podcaster Tommy Vietor described the former president’s fiery speech as an “absolute rip-off” of Senator Johnson.

The viewAna Navarro responded to the clip on Twitter simply with flame emojis.

Bill Kristol, editor-in-chief The Bastiontweeted: “FWIW, as a former Republican who has some sense of how Democratic attacks work near the end of the campaign: Every Democratic candidate should watch this clip – and the speech it was a part of – and send this message hers.”

Elsewhere in the speech, Mr. Obama called out Senator Johnson for spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. He noted that his grown children had bought three private jets while their father campaigned to push the retirement age to 70. .and said the Republican agenda consists of two things: “owning the balls” and getting Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Robert Wolff, CEO of 32Advisers and a member of the executive board of the Obama Foundation, praised Mr Obama’s comments calling out Johnson for spreading conspiracy theories as “just perfect”, imploring his supporters to vote for Mr Barnes .

The Democratic challenge to Sen. Johnson is one of the most closely watched midterm races. Polls show the Republican holding a five-to-one lead over Mr. Barnes.

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