Robert Griffin III sounds open to the narrative surrounding Zach Wilson’s performance

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III he went on a long rant about his thoughts on it Jet general Zach WilsonHis current offensive struggles that led to him being benched this weekend.

In Wilson’s seven starts so far this season, he has completed just 105 passes out of 189 attempts and has totaled four touchdown passes and five interceptions. He has led the Jets to a 5–2 record in his starts.

Griffin noted that another current NFL quarterback has posted similar statistics, but received “adoration” instead of criticism like Wilson. This general is CommandersTaylor Heinickewho has started five games while starter Carson Wentz is out.

Heinicke completed 90 of 148 pass attempts for five touchdowns and four interceptions. In five games, he led the team to a 4-1 record.

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