Rick Pitino gives his thoughts on Louisville’s Vacated 2013 title

The results of an NCAA investigation into Louisville men’s basketball program on a 2017 FBI investigation into college basketball corruption was released Thursday, and Louisville avoided major penalties from the NCAA’s Independent Accountability Review Process (IARP) ruling.

Former Louisville coach Rick Pitino, who was fired in 2017 after the scandal broke, spoke to the media about the decision on Thursday. The current Iona coach chose to use the time to also highlight Louisville’s vacated 2013 NCAA Tournament title.

The team vacated its 2018 basketball title after the NCAA denied its appeal. It was discovered that the program “staged strip dances and sexual acts for applicants, student-athletes and others” to entice players to attend the school, per NPR. The program also had to vacate its record from 2011 to ’15, which included the team’s Final Four appearance in 2012. They lost 123 wins from those seasons.

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