Report Says Woke ‘Disney Faces Dismal Box Office Future’

Ailing child groomers at Walt Disney face a “dismal future at the box office,” says a Wall Street reporter writing on the Street.

In 2019, the year before the pandemic, Disney brought in an incredible $11 billion at the box office. This year, the first year after the pandemic, Disney brought in just $4 billion.

Of course, this so-called reporter blames the pandemic, despite the success of the boffo Spider-Man: No Way Home and Top Gun: Maverick proves it to be false. These two titles prove that Chinese flu won’t scare anyone, including the elderly, away from theaters. If you make a movie that people want to see, people will come to see it.

Disney’s problem isn’t the pandemic.

The problem with Disney is that Disney content sucks.

Disney’s problem is that parents no longer trust a company that sneaks around behind their backs, sexualizing young children with transgender propaganda, homosexuality, and drag queens.

Disney’s problem is that it woke up, which killed it Star Wars, The history of gamesand Pirates movie franchise (Pirates because the Disney fascists convicted the now-exonerated Johnny Depp without a trial).

Disney’s other problem is that it has already killed off most of its animated titles. Two versions of it king of lions, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Dumboand on and on…

Gone are the days when everyone loved and trusted Disney. This is how it was before Disney embraced child grooming:

The company had essentially seven or eight billion-dollar grossing movies every year. The makeup may vary a bit, but the Mouse House could release three Marvel movies, two Pixar movies, a live-action remake of an animated classic, and a Star Wars movie.

Add in a wild card, like a movie based on a Disney World ride (“Jungle Cruise” or “Pirates of the Caribbean” are good examples) and you’ve got a predictable formula.

Only now, these three Marvel movies will be apart of the actual stars and instead of inspiring us, they’ll be talking about social issues. Additionally, there will be condescending scrutiny of diversity, including homosexuality, which makes most people uncomfortable, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Only now, these two Pixar films will try to make sense between parent and child to teach them about alternative sexual lifestyles.

Only now, this Jungle cruise the Pirates movies will do all of the above.

Bob Iger ruined Disney.

The only smart move Iger made in the last five or six years was to retire early so his replacement, Bob Chapek, would be blamed for all of Iger’s mistakes, allowing Iger to make a hero comeback.

Well, Disney may be able to fool the idiots who cover entertainment in the media, but the Smart Money sees right through Iger’s travesty. When Iger took office on Nov. 23, the stock price was $98.88 per share. It is now $87.02.

Exactly one year ago, when the pandemic was much worse than it is now, Disney stock was selling for $153.63. Today it is $87.02.

So please explain to me how you blame this for the pandemic.

This cannot be repeated enough: Top Gun and Spiderman proved that if you make movies that people want to see, people will come to see them, proving that you can no longer blame the pandemic.

Disney makes bad movies, party movies, and movies that seek to steal the innocence of children.

Disney has become an organized grooming organization that is no better than a guy in a truck carrying candy and a camera.

Disney is evil and people don’t buy.

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