Ragnarok Modder Unlocks Unfinished Photo Mode

A modder has unlocked God of War Ragnarok’s unfinished Photo Mode, showing off over a dozen funny Kratos facial expressions.

A modder unlocked God of War Ragnarokincomplete photo mode. Photo modes are becoming an increasingly common expectation for modern game releases. It’s a great way to show off a game’s graphics, and Sony’s PS5 exclusive first-party games are graphical powerhouses worth showcasing. God of War Ragnarok is no exception to this, so it’s no surprise that the leaked Photo Mode already produces great images.

It’s unfortunate but true that Sony’s Santa Monica Studio was unable to complete development of the Photo Mode in time for God of War Ragnarokhis release. The developer has confirmed that it will release the feature on time, at least. This is not unusual in game development, for a few reasons. Photo Mode is obviously not a priority feature compared to actually completing the game. But further, developers seem to prefer to avoid using Photo Mode to tamper with a game so close to release. Either way, it’s not ready God of War Ragnarok.


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That didn’t stop modder Speclizer from delving deeper God of War Ragnaroksystems and unlock Photo Mode for themselves. The feature is, from what Speclizer shared, extremely functional. They can freeze God of War Ragnarok mid-game or cutscene, move the camera freely and change a variety of filters and variables to create a picture-perfect shot.

One of the most important aspects of Photo Mode also comes from the Speclizer, the chance to change each character’s facial expressions. They cycle through 16 different Kratos faces, including ones that are either hilarious or intimidating. There’s Kratos yelling, Kratos winking, Kratos happy and sad, and more. Gamers will have fun with these, for sure.

While all of Kratos’ faces appear to be available, the other characters are not. Atreus only has one standard face outside of the default, and Mimir has none available. It’s clear that the photo mode is at least partially unfinished and isn’t just waiting for Santa Monica Studio to unlock. With these words, God of War Ragnarok Gamers would be perfectly fine with what Speclizer showed. However, there’s sure to be more than players can see, tied to optimization or other technical limitations, so Santa Monica Studio should keep Photo Mode locked for the foreseeable future.

Of the two screenshots shown by Speclizer, both are of very impressive quality. Both faces used in the Photo Mode screenshots give very different impressions to each God of War Ragnarok scene. When photo mode arrives God of War Ragnarokit will be a lot of fun.

God of War Ragnarok is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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