Qatar World Cup without a mask angers the Chinese

China’s exhausted and terrified population was outraged by images of massive crowds flocking without masks to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this week.

Social media users wondered why they have to continue living in dungeon conditions while the rest of the world has escaped the Wuhan coronavirus.

Some Chinese citizens have expressed shock when they peeked beyond China’s censorship walls and saw how free the rest of the world has become, while more than a quarter of China’s vast population still suffers from coronavirus lockdowns. China reported both record high levels of coronavirus infections and a high number of people under coronavirus restrictions this week.

“China is seeing a record level of lockdowns. It’s even a little worse than during the Shanghai lockdown because so many cities are partially locked down,” said Ting Lu, chief China economist at financial services firm Nomura. Financial Times on Wednesday.

China did badly in regional championships this year and didn’t make it to the World Cup in Qatar, largely because coronavirus lockdowns hampered training and play for Chinese teams. The regime in Beijing still he brags of China’s enduring love of soccer, and state television broadcasts World Cup matches to the masses.

As AFP pointed out on Wednesday, this would be the same state television bombarding its captive viewers with reports that the rest of the world, and particularly the United States, is mired in “mass death and chaos” caused by the Chinese coronavirus because China’s draconian policies are the only way to manage the disease.

“Worn by cruelty [Chinese coronavirus] restrictions, the Chinese question their government’s approach while the rest of the world lives with the virus,” AFP reported.

“Some people are watching the World Cup matches in person without masks, some are locked at home for a month, locked on campus for two months without even being able to go out the door. Who stole my life? I won’t say,” grumbled one user on Weibo, China’s heavily policed ​​alternative to the banned Twitter.

“The World Cup allowed most Chinese to see the real situation abroad and worry about the economy at home and their own youth,” said another.

A businessman from Beijing said The Hindu that his fellow citizens watching the World Cup are discovering that “only China and North Korea today are cut off from the rest of the world.”

Some particularly outraged Chinese citizens posted an open letter on WeChat calling on their government to get back on the “same planet” with Qatar and implement less burdensome pandemic policies. Unfortunately, they forgot that they live under a communist tyranny and the censors quickly deleted their letter.

The public backlash against China’s coronavirus lockdown policies is increasing, with previously unimaginable protests erupting in cities such as the manufacturing hub of Guangzhou. Although the Chinese Communist Party clearly marked He also wouldn’t relax his ‘zero Covid’ stance at the National Party Congress chill out some of the more onerous policies two weeks ago, and then loudly insisted that he was not “relaxing” anything at all.

The citizens of Beijing apparently needed to get the message that their authoritarian rulers would admit no flaw in their “zero Covid” strategy and would not commit to ending lockdowns in the future, but would quietly scrap some of the more inconvenient protocols and they paid more attention to the needs of their people in the future. The World Cup seems to be an eye opener for Chinese citizens who did not realize how poor their situation is compared to the rest of the world.

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