Political analysts say both Republicans and Democrats are upbeat ahead of midterm elections

Political analysts say both Republicans and Democrats are upbeat ahead of the midterm elections, with early voting breaking records in some battleground states.

The 34 million people who have already voted early is “good from a Democratic perspective for the party,” said CBS News political analyst Ashley Etienne.

“Democrats feel very encouraged by this,” Etienne said. “Because you know the higher the turnout, the better it is for the Democrats.”

He said there was “a lot of optimism and excitement on the ground” because of it, but added that “polls don’t vote, people actually vote.”

CBS News political analyst and Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez said Republicans are also optimistic about the election because of “a variety of candidates” running for their party in states like Texas.

“You’re seeing these kinds of young candidates that have come up who have been very supportive of suburban, working-class families with very conservative values ​​and resonate particularly in South Texas,” Sanchez said.

He cited the importance of Latino voters in battleground states like Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, where he says “Latinos can make a difference.”

“There’s a lot of significance to the Latino working class realigning, like the white working class in this country, and supporting more of a populist conservative message that they’ve seen under Donald Trump,” he said.

As results begin to roll in Tuesday night, Sanchez said she will be watching states like Texas, where there are three Latino candidates running for office. “The range for these three particular Latinos,” he said, “is excellent.

Sanchez added that her eyes will also be on areas in states like Oregon and New York that are also “deeper blue.”

“I think there will be a lot of incumbents on the Democratic side who will have some challenges,” he said.

In states like Georgia, where early voting has been open for three weeks, the state has broken new records. More than two million people have voted out of nearly seven million active voters.

Etienne said with this election: “Democracy is at stake, I mean, as the president said.”

“When you look at the early voting that’s going on right now, if people feel that democracy is threatened, they’re going to run to the polls, and that’s happening all over the country in states that really matter like Georgia, Ohio,” he said. he said.

CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion contributed to the report.

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