Pokemon Slowpoke is getting a real playground

The Pokemon Company is unveiling a Slowpoke-themed playground in Japan’s Kagawa Prefecture in April 2023 as part of its Pokemon Local Acts initiative.

The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Slowpoke will be getting one POKEMON-Themed playground in real life to celebrate Gen 1 Psychic and Water-type. Slowpoke has been consistently featured throughout the franchise since its evolution, the role of Slowking in the latter POKEMON movie, yes Pokemon Sword and ShieldIsle of Armor, and the actual playground is just the latest representation of Pokemon.

Slowpoke Park is set to emerge in Ayagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture in April 2023, with construction beginning and no specific opening date in mind at this time. While Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have introduced many localized variants of existing Pokemon, Slowpoke appears in its standard Kanto form which some POKEMON Fans may or may not prefer the Galarian form from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since Slowpoke was a part of it POKEMON franchise since the beginning and having been front and center on occasion over the years, the pink double has amassed its own fan base that can await the opening of Slowpoke Park.


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The Slowpoke Park announcement is part of the Pokemon Local Acts initiative that The Pokemon Company is committed to spreading POKEMON awareness by creating spectacular areas like this park. The first Slowpoke Park is going to feature a slide that looks like a giant Slowpoke, fairly standard-looking swings, a Slowpoke-themed playground, lots of Pokemon statues, and more. Based on the photo shared by The Pokemon Company, the park will also have signs in the familiar pink color and images that reflect Gen 1 Pokemon.

A Slowpoke POKEMON The mascot accompanied some executives from The Pokemon Company for the Slowpoke Park announcement to give the press conference a physical representation of what the parks in Ayagawa City will look like. The presentation included an aerial view of what The Pokemon Company expects to build at the Kagawa location, which depicts a colorful park that doesn’t focus solely on the Slowpoke, despite the fact that the park shares its name. Aside from the Slowpokes that will be scattered around Slowpoke Park, there are pieces that share similarities with swings, offering a more traditional aesthetic that avoids the overuse of bright pink.

Because the current image of Slowpoke Park is a concept, it may undergo some changes between now and April 2023, as the construction process has its own challenges. Since the park seems to comfortably fit two dozen people in the Slowpoke Park concept, the POKEMON-Theme park can be similar to Pokemon Japan’s centers combine a tourist hotspot with a local escape experience.

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