Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tandemaus has a strange way of evolving

Fans are finding that one of the new Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, known as Tandemaus, seems to evolve randomly.

One of the many new Pokemon you can find in the vast Paldea region Pokemon Scarlet and Violet seems to have an unusual – but adorable – method of evolution. It was just released Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it has introduced a lot of new characters and Pokemon for players to meet, and it has caught the attention of social media for a variety of reasons.

The long-awaited Generation 9 titles finally hit shelves yesterday, letting players relax on their adventures in the all-new Paldea region. While the hype has been steadily building to an all-time high among fans in recent weeks, many players have been surprised to encounter an unprecedented scale of glitches and performance issues when embarking on their first playthroughs. Pokemon Scarlet and VioletIts bugs range from player models morphing into huge and terrifying monsters to players scissoring into areas where they eventually softlock.


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Bugs aside, however, many fans are enjoying the game so far and have made some neat discoveries during their travels. One strange new Pokemon in particular has caught the attention of a number of players due to its strange evolution behavior. The adorable Pokemon known as Tandemaus, an adorable little mouse-like creature—or rather, a pair of them—is a regular-type Pokemon that fans first saw in one of its trailers Pokemon Scarlet and Violet some time ago. The cute duo appear to resemble some sort of handmade doll and have been found to evolve into a Maushold at level 25 without telegraphing the evolution at all.

Tandemaus and Maushold from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

That’s right, Tandemaus’ evolution has no animations at all. Instead, players can check their Pokemon to find a Maushold in its place, whose physical appearance is only different due to the addition of up to two smaller Tandemaus next to the original two. While many players may find this confusing, perhaps assuming that the lack of progression animations is simply the result of yet another Scarlet and VioletThe bugs, its Pokedex entry simply states that “the cubs only appeared one day”, suggesting that this is actually by design. Its method of evolution suggests that the original pair of Tandemaus either adopted or produced the newer ones, both possibilities being equally and incredibly adorable.

In addition, fans have discovered that Tandemaus can evolve into two Maushold forms – either a family of three or a family of four, with the decided form apparently being completely random. Unfortunately, not all new Pokemon have been received as well as Tandemaus, with some of the latest Pokemon designs – coupled with the game’s current buggy state – causing significant uproar in the social media community.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Bulbapedia

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