Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ranked Season 1 Rewards Leaked Online

A Pokemon leaks account posts a list reportedly showing all of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Ranked Battle Series 1 tier rewards ahead of Season 1.

A new list posted by a Pokemon leaks account on Twitter claims to show all of the tier rewards for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s upcoming Ranked Battle Series 1. Announced at the end of November and beginning on December 2, the new ranked battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow players of developer Game Freak’s hit titles to take part in multiplayer matches to earn League Points and special items.

The latest entries in Nintendo and Game Freak’s long-running, monster battling, megahit Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been met with mixed reception from series’ fans since the games’ release in November. Although the Nintendo Switch exclusive titles have received some praise from fans for expanding on the open-world formula introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus earlier this year, poor performance and a mountain of bugs have left many players unhappy with the dual releases. The backlash against the underwhelming release grew so strong that Nintendo apologized for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s many issues in an official statement.


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A new tweet from an account run by Spanish-language Pokemon site Centro Pokemon claims to show all of the tier rewards that will be available to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players as part of December’s Ranked Battle Series 1. The rewards reportedly up for grabs range from 5,000 League Points for finishing in the Beginner Tier to a haul of 100,000 League Points, multiple items, and a Tera Blast for those who reach Master Ball Tier. Gamers are unable to use Paradox and Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s inaugural season but are otherwise free to assemble their team how they choose.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans responding to the post by CentroLeaks were almost universally displeased with the rewards that will supposedly be available to players during Ranked Battle Series 1. Several commenters expressed their desire for Ability Patches to be included in tier rewards in place of the Ability Capsules, while others were disappointed that Tera Shards wouldn’t be included as a reward. One post from a gamer with a glass-half-full perspective noted that it would take less time to unlock the Ultra Ball Tier than it does to earn a Gold Bottle Cap in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet normally, making the rewards still worth the effort for some players.

Judging by the generally negative responses to this supposed leak of rewards for Ranked Battle Series 1, Nintendo and Game Freak may soon face a new wave of complaints from gamers already disappointed with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Although the pair of Pokemon titles have been immensely profitable for the two companies, the ongoing backlash swirling around Pokemon Scarlet and Violet stands poised to potentially tarnish the otherwise sparkling record of the franchise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are currently available on Nintendo Switch.

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