Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Preload is available now

Pokemon fans who have pre-ordered the next main Pokemon games can start pre-downloading them now on Nintendo Switch.

Willing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fans can go ahead and start pre-installing the pre-ordered versions of their choice right now on Nintendo Switch. At the start of the next main line POKEMON titles are still a full week away, Game Freak seems to be giving players a very early start to ensure their copies Pokemon Scarlet and Violet it will be ready to go on November 18th.

Hype for the upcoming release of the next generation POKEMON The games have been higher than ever in recent weeks, with several new official trailers, new Pokemon reveals, and a wave of leaked content that has fans starting their journeys to the Paldea region. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet dominate social media increasingly as the release date nears, with games often trending on Twitter and fans on Reddit sharing a wealth of artwork to celebrate the new games and say goodbye to the previous generation, Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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His announcement Scarlet and VioletIts preload period that has already begun was first reported earlier today by Serebii and informs players that patch 1.0.1 for Scarlet and Violet is also immediately available for download. This wide window of pre-download availability gives players a full week to make sure their game is ready and ready to go without a hitch on November 18th. According to the official POKEMON website, each game will require 7GB of storage to install, meaning fans who have secured both versions will need a total of 14GB available to install both.


Additionally, an additional 1GB of space will be required for each game’s first patch, meaning players will want to make sure they’ve cleared extra space on their Nintendo Switches. This patch was announced earlier in the week by Game Freak and specified that players will need to download it and ensure their games are on the latest version if they want access to Scarlet and Violetits online functions.

Although some of Scarlet and VioletThe recently leaked Pokemon evolutions have received mixed reactions from the community, fans seem to be in high spirits as they eagerly await the release of Generation 9 titles next week. After the reveal of a mysterious new Pokemon called Gimmighoul and the premiere of the games latest pre-launch trailer just a few days ago, fans still have plenty of unanswered questions to ponder and a huge amount of new content to look forward to. its start Pokemon Scarlet and Violet next week.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be available on Nintendo Switch from November 18th.

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Source: Serebii

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