Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Get Impressive 3D Billboard

With the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet just around the corner, the game is getting an impressive 3D billboard advertisement in Tokyo, with a heavy focus on the three starters.

Just outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, an impressive 3D billboard promoting its upcoming release can be seen Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With the games less than a week away from release, The Pokemon Company has ramped up its marketing efforts. This includes things like game trailers to a set of lottery based prizes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. One of the most impressive ads the company has released involves a 3D billboard that can be found in Japan.


This billboard is located right outside Shinjuku train station and is able to convey 3D images. It does this by being an L shape that curves around the corner of a building. There have been many video games and other media that have been advertised using this unique billboard, such as a viral video of a chili cat playing on it, or Red XIII from Remake of Final Fantasy 7 i run around Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are following suit in this trend with a 3D video playing with the original three

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In a clip posted by poke_times, the official Japanese POKEMON account, it starts with three Poke-ball throws, before its original three are revealed Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They start by jumping into the foreground, before pulling back into the background, almost as if they are standing in the white box they came from. The clip also briefly shows their type and abilities.

Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThe grass-type starter Sprigatito uses his powers to gather some flower petals around him, while a grass takes over the area. The 3D effect is even used to make the Pokemon stand out to highlight its features, with the 3D text also displaying its name, height and weight. The same goes for Fuecoco, where it does the same thing but with a fiery background, along with the fire breathing one. It also has the same stats and text that appear in 3D. Quaxly does the same, where it leaps forward while summoning a watery background behind it, flipping its head feathers in the process. Amusingly, the wave hits Fuecoco in the background during this animation.

The ad ends as the three original Pokemon strike a pose, looking down at the people in the city, while the game logos fade out. The background also changes to highlight the two colors that represent the game’s box art. This isn’t the first time The Pokemon Company has used this sign for advertising, as a whole POKEMON The cats appeared on this 3D Billboard in August for promotion Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released on November 18th for Nintendo Switch.

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