Pokemon GO players want legendaries back in the groundbreaking field research boxes

Pokemon GO players are frustrated with the series of generally useless Weekly Research Breakthrough awards and want Niantic to bring back Legendaries.

Pokemon Go Players are frustrated with the Weekly Research Breakthrough rewards and losing their legendaries. Niantic uses Pokemon that are generally useless to players while following some seasonal themes like Starmie for Season of Light. Players wish Niantic would bring back Legendary Pokemon.

In his early years Pokemon Go, the Weekly Research Breakthrough used to give Legendary Pokemon. It used to be a method that allowed players to get legendary Pokemon that they couldn’t otherwise get because they were playing solo or playing in rural areas. They were never as strong as the legendaries found in 5 star raids at the time, but they were still an option for them. Niantic has offered legendaries less and less over the years, and some newer players may never have known that legendaries were once a reward. For many, the pursuit of Pokemon Go Players making sure they get their daily sticker to redeem their weekly reward has lost its meaning.


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Pokemon Go Players are venting their frustration in a post on Reddit and reminiscing about the days when Weekly Research Breakthrough rewards meant something. For reference, the last Research Breakthrough reward Pokemon were the aforementioned Starmie, the pathetically weak Shedinja as part of the October Halloween festivities, Medicam, Galarian Stunfisk, Lickitung, and arguably no interesting Pokemon throughout 2022. Starmie also can’t be shiny because Niantic doesn’t allow evolved wild or Research Breakthrough Pokemon to be shiny, further reducing the incentive to go after that Pokemon. The last time the Weekly Research Breakthrough offered an interesting reward was arguably the Galarian Ponyta in May 2021, and the last time legendaries were offered was in December 2020.

Niantic has prioritized Pokemon GoSeasons and events that are occasionally fun to be a part of when there is a bright signature to hunt at that time. However, during those last few weeks when nothing else is happening except for Raid Hours, there isn’t much incentive to keep playing the game and continuing the research streaks. Experienced players can occasionally go weeks, a month or more without completing a research task if they have a set of tasks that take longer to complete. At the very least, an exclusive player in one of these slow periods can check in to maintain their catch streak or Pokestop spin streak and then check out.

Players suggest that if Weekly Research Breakthrough Pokemon is going to be a regular thing, offer an exclusive move like they do with Community Day Pokemon. Others prefer to bring back legendaries so players have something interesting to look forward to after a week. The premise that they would be weaker than they would be if they were raiding is a good counter to any potential oversaturation. There is such a deep pool of Legendary Pokemon now in the game. Niantic could even compromise and only make one change each season. It would still give players a reason to continue completing the Weekly Investigations more consistently.

Pokemon Go is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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