Pokemon Fan Draws Adorable Art of Liko and Sprigatito

A Pokemon player shares a drawing of Liko, one of the protagonists of the recently announced Pokemon anime, along with Sprigatito.

ONE POKEMON The fan drew a cute artwork featuring the upcoming anime protagonist Liko along with Sprigatito. The animated series based on Game Freak’s RPG series has been going on for over two decades. The POKEMON The anime has starred Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu throughout, helping the two characters become incredibly popular among fans of the franchise.

However, Ash has recently achieved his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master and will soon be leaving the anime. Two new trainers, named Liko and Roy, will take his place as the protagonists of the animated series alongside Generation 9 starters. Fans are excited, including one who designed an artwork featuring Liko and Sprigatito.


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A Reddit user known as yandette posted an image of a design they made with Liko and Sprigatito. The piece shows Liko holding Sprigatito, who is rubbing it lovingly on her face. Yandette managed to capture many of the smaller details seen on Liko, such as the necklace she is wearing and the green clip in her hair. The artist stated that they are excited to see her in the new upcoming anime and get to see her journey.

Several Redditors have expressed their love for yandette’s artwork, which is called beautiful and wonderful. One commenter stated that they will miss Ash and Pikachu, but that fans should remember that there is a future with Liko and Roy ahead, which Yandette agreed with. Another user asked Yandette if they’re going to do a comic around Liko, to which the artist replied that they would someday, but for now they’re just looking forward to seeing her on POKEMON anime. The artwork is really cute and it’s a good way to look forward to the upcoming animated series.

Although it was revealed that Ash and Pikachu will be retired soon, it was announced that there will be 11 episodes of the anime that will complete the duo’s journey. From what can be seen in the trailer released by the Pokemon Company, characters like Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket will make an appearance, along with some of Ash’s past pocket monster partners. After 11 episodes, Liko and Roy will take over with the Paldean starters. A Shiny Rayquaza also makes a brief appearance, though it was not revealed what the pocket monster’s role will be. Fans can look forward to seeing Liko and Roy debut in 2023 as they begin a new chapter in POKEMON series.

His next season POKEMON The anime will begin on January 13, 2023.

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